Monday, August 2, 2021
adland music

Industry creatives name the sounds that helped them survive 2020

After an unprecedented year of anxiety, turmoil and uncertainty, a group of leading musicians, marketers and creatives have come together to reveal the music...
Cat Davis - surviving 2020

Surviving 2020: Cat Davis looks back at the year everything changed

As the year of the COVID pandemic limps off to the self-isolation of ‘the past’, we’re looking at how 2020 has changed us. Some of...
luxury brands

Should luxury brands lend social activism a hand?

Many of us will remember 2020 as the year the world was changed by a virus, but it will also be remembered as a...
audio ads main for audiomob

Audio ads could boost sales from Black Friday and beyond

The burgeoning audio ads market is gathering momentum and brands could gain an advantage of a burgeoning new sector for audio ads in mobile...
data play in company growth

Why clever data use is key to marketing and driving growth

The global pandemic has focused businesses on efficiency amid possibly the worst health crisis in a century. Luckily, improvements in technology and data analysis...
ad net zero 1

What the Ad Net Zero report really means for OOH

Last week saw the launch of the Advertising Association and Credos’ Ad Net Zero report, the biggest step so far towards coordinating a collective...
ratchet marketing

Why auto-retailers need to rev up the ‘ratchet’

Auto-retailers have been among the hardest hit by the global pandemic and need to rip up the playbook and focus on relationships that last.  So...
nigella lawson

Interview: Nigella Lawson talks Cook, Eat, Repeat

Nigella Lawson is set to return with a new series based on her lartest recipe book Cook, Eat, Repeat on BBC2. It’s been billed as...

How to keep ideas and creativity flowing in a lockdown

How do you ensure you keep the creativity flowing during a confinement that may not end any time soon?  Home-working has become the new normal...
patti oconnell

Changing the Rules… with Patti McConnell, Something Different

While some have been finding their zen centre during lockdown, others, like Patti McConnell, have been having an altogether more domestic experience. McConnell is the...