Samsung launches ‘House of Surprises’ campaign with mini-movie

Samsung 'house of surprises' campaign by smyle - mediashotz

London and Herts-based creatives Smyle worked with Samsung Europe on the new ‘House of Surprises’ campaign, a ground-breaking mini-movie that showcases Samsung’s latest connected ecosystem products.

‘House of Surprises’

‘House of Surprises’ is the latest iteration of Samsung’s ‘Life Unstoppable’ series, which launched last year using Unreal Engine. 

This year the mini-movie is themed around ‘connected living’ and draws on techniques from the entertainment industry, including theatre, film and television. It tells the story of a quirky family called ‘The Unstoppables’ and is set in their Bohemian-style, distinctive European home.

The story commences at the exterior of the house, created using CGI, while the interior was built in real life, emulating a movie set, and featuring real Samsung products that become part of the storyline. 

The facade raises to reveals the hallway, with the viewer  invited to join the family for one morning, exploring six different rooms in the ‘House of Surprises’, where family members are seen preparing for an important event later that day.

Each room showcases a collection of Samsung products, brought to life by both the family and Samsung spokespeople, highlighting their passions and reflecting the ‘Life Unstoppable’ message. 

The rooms are stitched together with a series of vignettes that demonstrate the real-life use of Samsung’s cutting-edge products and innovations, from washing machines, to steam ovens and vacuum cleaners, and from televisions to phones and wearables.


Viewers are able to interact with the products and the story on a number of levels. 

By clicking on ‘open AirDresser’ in the bedroom, one of the cast members walks in and opens the Samsung AirDresser, before exiting, highlighting the product benefits. 

Viewers can also click other hotspots that enable them to alter their view and request tailored content and additional product information. 

Smyle additionally created various hotspots through the house to enable consumers, who can view the experience on from 18 October, to click and purchase the specific products from their local store. 

This combination of experiential marketing, storytelling and e-commerce provides an altogether different approach to online consumer engagement.

For the filming, Smyle partnered with Director Jel Groman at Free Turn, and together created and produced a charmingly detailed storytelling movie filled with nuanced production design elements and visual cues. 

Samsung 'house of surprises' by smyle - mediashotz
Changing rooms: Samsung’s new campaign film invited partners to the House of Surprises.

Smyle were also responsible for the consumer experience of Life Unstoppable, from the creative ideation through to implementation. 

This included developing the user journey, digital technology stacks, art direction, set design, filming, video production, VFX and motion control.

Smyle also managed live, hosted, one-to-one partner meetings direct from the physical set, with brand ambassadors showing partners around the house. 

The agency was also responsible for  invitation and registration logistics around the experience.

“Just as we did with Life Unstoppable in 2020, we have re-invented the digital event format, fusing storytelling and entertainment,” said Matt Margetson, Innovation Director at Smyle. 

“We’re able to elevate the experience to one that is interactive, fun and unexpected, placing ‘guests to the house’ at the centre of the narrative, and giving them the opportunity to explore the products in real-life. 

The interactive elements in combination with all the other techniques, and the ability to provide this as an e-commerce platform challenges the status quo of how product launches can engage audiences”.

Life Unstoppable: House of Surprises was unveiled to retail and industry partners and the media on 12 October, with the movie publicly available across 17 European countries via from the 18th October.