Royal Mail OOH campaign celebrates Pride events in the UK

royal mail celebrates pride events 2022

To celebrate LGBTQ+ Royal Mail employees and everyone else taking part at Pride events happening across the country in August, AMV BBDO has created an outdoor campaign that will be seen at the different pride parades this summer.

The work is part of the brand’s ongoing relationship with the agency since last summer. 

The strategic partnership has focused on changing perceptions of the Royal Mail brand, including an updated communications platform, brand world and new campaign content.

Royal Mail and Pride Events

Royal Mail supports UK Pride and its diverse workforce and has been marching with their float and LGBT staff members since 2016. 

As part of its presence at this years’ events, the team at AMV BBDO has created posters, placards, and lorry banners where the range of Royal Mail stamps recreate the equally colourful Pride iconography.

Royal Mail has six Diversity & Inclusion Networks in place within the business. They are: LGBT & Friends, BAME, Disability, Youth, Gender and Parents & Carers. 

Each of the networks is sponsored by a senior leader and supported by a wide representation of volunteers across the business. 

They actively get involved by creating practical suggestions or actions to raise awareness, increase inclusivity and create a sense of belonging.

Heidi Kieran, Head of Consumer Marketing at Royal Mail, said: “This year marks 50 years of the Pride movement. We wanted to celebrate and support our LGBTQ+ colleagues and the communities we work in, with images that are vibrant and positive and a core part of Royal Mail”.

AMV BBDO creatives Mike Kennedy and Pauline Ashford, said: “With Royal Mail having such a vibrant and colour archive of stamps it felt only natural to use them to build these bright and iconic images.”

The campaign went live yesterday at the Brighton parade and will now run at the Cardiff and Birmingham events.

In June, Royal Mail launched a new set of eight, vibrantly illustrated stamps to mark the 50th anniversary of the UK’s first Pride rally that took place on 1 July 1972. 

The stamps were art directed by NB Studio and illustrated by award-winning artist Sofie Birkin.