Plum Guide launches ‘no time for average stays’ campaign

no time for average stays - Plum guide-Phone

Plum Guide, the travel brand which expertly curates the world’s most remarkable stays, is urging holidaymakers to reject the average and make every trip count in its new brand advertising campaign…because they don’t have much time left.

‘No Time for Average Stays’

Devised and created by Stink Studios, the campaign introduces the new tagline, ‘No Time for Average Stays’, inspired by Plum Guide’s brand purpose of ending the scourge of disappointing holidays. 

To bring it to life, the creative reminds us of how important holidays are – and why rejecting bad ones is imperative.

From romantic getaways, to a honeymoon and that last holiday pre-kids, to memorable family trips or restorative new year’s retreats – they all really, really count. But our lifetimes are not infinite. 

The campaign calculates how many holidays they’re likely to go on before they die (spoiler alert: it’s fewer than you think).

Plum Guide eradicates disappointment by providing a curated collection of the world’s most remarkable homes, vetted by critics through a Home Test that collects 500+ data points on each one. 

The platform provides verified listings written by experts, with boldly transparent home truths, and a personal Matchmaking service connecting guests to potential homes – however challenging the requests.

Ali Lowry, Chief Brand Officer at Plum Guide, said: “Holiday disappointment is all too real. 60% of customers feel let down with their choice of holiday accommodation and 90% feel that they should have done better. 

Plum guide campaign
Above average: Plum Guide campaign urges holidaymakers to make the most of their getaways.

“Our new campaign is a punchy reminder to make every holiday count because, who knows, it could be your last.”

With ‘No time for average stays’, Stink has intentionally created a brand platform which is both resonant and flexible. This first work breaks on June 14.

Cameron Temple, Executive Creative Director at Stink Studios, said: “In a busy market, against some big players, it’s essential to stand out. 

“We had to create something provocative, memorable and simple, and the best way to make a name for representing something extraordinary is to make an enemy of average. 

“Plum Guide have been constantly pushing to do exactly this, challenging the work to be as cut through as possible.”