Mini channels sounds of Pharrell in new campaign by DLMDD

mini dlmdd

Sonic branding agency DLMDD has worked with Mini to soundtrack its latest ad campaign, choosing music legend Pharrell Williams’ track Come Get It Bae to support the global campaign entitled ‘Editions’.

Mini music

Working in partnership with Media Monks and Anomaly, DLMDD was tasked with finding the perfect sound for launching three Editions to Mini’s car range, with the campaign reintroducing Mini’s British bulldog mascot.

As part of the campaign, distinctive characters have been created for each Mini Edition: with the Resolute being playful; the Untold being sophisticated; and the Untamed being adventurous. 

The advert includes each Edition being given its own CGI-enhanced spot, before all three come together, all set to Pharrell’s Come Get It Bae.

Lizz Harman, Creative Music Consultant at DLMDD, said: “It’s no wonder Come Get it Bae was unanimously decided as the perfect sound for this campaign by both agency and client alike. 

“It’s catchy, accessible, playful and full of infectious joy which compliments the slick animation and bold colours featured across the campaign.

“Pharrell’s sound matches the energy beat for beat.”

DLMDD specialises in helping brands find their identity through sound. The company works with global brands including Toyota, XBox and Barclays Bank among many others.

The UK-based firm collaborates with brands on pioneering new ventures that use music and sound as a force for good; building experiences that enhance our everyday lives.

DLMDD said it creates sonic brands that “unite touch-points, forge lasting emotional connections with consumers and can find us in places our ears can reach but our eyes can’t always see”.