Klorane teams up with Baghera Jones for Twitch gaming quest


Plant-based dermo-cosmetic brand Klorane has launched a live interactive quest on Twitch with streamer Baghera Jones, in a collaboration that was brokered and developed by socially-led creative agency We Are Social in France.

The experience offers gamers the chance to complete an interactive quest on Twitch, with the objective of educating them about the importance of plants, their benefits, and the risk of extinction that so many plant species face every year.

Klorane campaign

The initiative stemmed from the growing problem of ‘plant blindness’: a lack of knowledge about plants that’s caused by increased urbanisation.

Baghera Jones has 339,000 followers and launched the new initiative with a one-off Twitch Live alongside Klorane’s own botanical expert Alexandre Panel, where they shared insights about plants, spoke in real-time with gamers, and took part in quizzes before users jumped into the quest.

Jones’ studio was also revamped with a plant wall as a backdrop so that the experience felt completely immersive – both in real-life and virtually – to viewers.

Once players were initiated into the quest, they were able to complete challenges on a map based on Red Dead Redemption 2, where they locate different plant classifications to identify their correct habitats

Players are also encouraged to take screengrabs of the plants that they’ve collected and share them on social channels with the hashtag #BotaniQuest.

Chloé Larmurier, Business director, and Nicolas Duménil, Creative Director at We Are Social, said: “We were challenged to help Klorane build an experience that aligned with the brand’s ethos when it comes to building awareness around plant health to a brand new audience.

“Given that we targeted the gaming community, we had to think creatively to educate users while ensuring the experience felt engaging and immersive.

“Getting a streamer like Baghera Jones on board who we knew would attract viewers was a no-brainer.”

Anaïs Paranthoen, Digital Marketing Manager at Klorane, said: “We’re really excited to have taken our mission in educating people around plants to audiences such as Gen-Z, especially with the help of Baghera Jones to drive mass awareness around the cause.

“The team at We Are Social proved invaluable in helping to build an activation that we know will excite the gaming community, but also sticks to our core brand values.”