ITA Airways is in the ‘airplane mode’ for love with new Valentine’s Day campaign

WAS ITA Airways

Italy’s national carrier ITA Airways, formerly Al Italia, has launched a cute new Valentine’s Day campaign encouraging us to believe that ‘Love is in the airplane mode’.

Whether we’re flying today or not, ITA wants all those in relationships to switch our mobiles to airplane mode in order to spend some quality time together. 

ITA Airways in love airplane mode

Plane journeys, it said, often spark small, unexpectedly romantic moments between couples because of one particular condition – the absence of the constant distraction of the smartphone once airplane mode is switched on.

So it’s inviting all people in love to spend 14 February in ‘airplane mode’, rediscovering small moments of intimacy with their partner.

In a moody and atmospheric (pun intended) film, we see couples find time to laugh about the little moments together, make plans, and enjoy simple intimacies like resting a head on their partner’s shoulder. 

Airplane Mode becomes a space where they can live in an atmosphere of togetherness and understanding. 

‘Love is in the Airplane Mode’ coincides with the launch of a rather clever Valentine’s Day promotion, which people can only access when they put their device in Airplane Mode.

The campaign has been created by We Are Social Milan, with production handled by We Are Social Studios.