Cannes Lions ’23: Bas Korsten’s top five contenders


In a few weeks, the advertising and marketing world will gather on the Côte d’Azur for the annual Cannes Lions festival of creativity.

It’s celebrating a milestone 70th anniversary year of showcasing and rewarding the cream of global advertising creativity.

So we asked Bas Korsten, Global Chief Creative Officer at Wunderman Thompson, to share his top five ad prize contenders for this year’s event…

Wunderman Thompson's global CCO Bas Korsten
Wunderman Thompson Global CCO Bas Korsten

My top five for this year’s Cannes is an eclectic mix of work. From a TV ad to a live stunt, to a revolutionary new product, all from different parts of the world.

Come to think of it, it’s exactly what’s so exciting about our industry at the moment. Great ideas come from everywhere, and in any shape or form. You haven’t beaten us yet, generative AI!

‘The Greatest’ by Apple

What a film. Exceptional craft. Music beautifully integrated. Apple products front and centre, but they’re all there to show how they impact the lives of the people using them. Uber cool.

Makes me want to stand on a set somewhere. Now.


‘Proudly second best’ by IKEA

Similarly inspiring as the Apple film. But in a medium that’s considered even more old school.

This campaign breathes new life into print by showing the power of perfectly balanced print ads. The right amount of letters. In the right order. The photo that nails ‘second best’.

It’s almost like the photographer told the IKEA products how to act. They clearly seem to know their place. Perfect.


‘Bringing back 2011’ by Oreo

Oreo doing it again. You have to laugh when you see this press conference (4 minutes and 50 seconds!) where Oreo is being introduced for the first time in India. Again.

It’s cricket superstition brought to new heights. Ballsy. Funny. Refreshingly stupid. But with a straight face.


‘FitChix’ by Honest Eggs Company

Have you already got your 10,000 steps in today? I certainly haven’t. But these chix from the Honest Eggs company definitely have.

To have those steps tracked and the average printed on the eggs themselves, is not only a great idea to get to better food, but also a step in the right direction for animal welfare (sorry, couldn’t help myself).


‘The Mammoth Meatball’ by VOW

In all of the generative AI madness, this innovation seems to have struck a nerve. It was literally on every news channel in the world.

The attraction to be able to create our own, much more sustainable meat in the future is big. Especially if you make it from a mythical animal that went extinct over 4,000 years ago because of climate change…

This year’s Cannes Lions festival runs from 19 – 23 June.