Bittersweet Itaú Bank campaign offers to help clients spread break-up debts

bank Itaú

It may not be your typical style of Valentine’s message, but Argentina’s Itaú Bank has launched a humorous, if bittersweet, campaign offering to help customers pay-off gifts bought for ex-partners in instalments.

The bank ad blurb claims that, on a day where love reigns, “you might find yourself paying the outstanding instalments on your credit card for an ex-partner’s gift”. 

This is why Itaú Bank, in partnership with Grey Argentina, has created “Ex installments” (sic) to take care of the remaining payments of the gift that at one time was bought with so much love.

Itaú Bank

From February 11 to 22 Banco Itaú clients, as well as clients from banks, have been able to compete to close a chapter in their lives and free themselves from the pending instalments and live that special day differently. 

The campaign, produced in-house by Townhouse, is composed of four spots for Instagram and Twitter, directed by Diego Medvedocky and Tomás de las Heras.

“We love to continue thinking and generating, together with Itaú, actions that aim to solve the concrete and real problems of the bank’s clients”, said Juan Ure, ECD of Grey Argentina. 

“We feel that this action, although in this case it’s all tragicomic, continues to build from the same logic of Pension’s Delivery or even from the campaign where we returned the inflation rate: it is about recognising the real financial situations of Itaú clients and offering them a hand to try to alleviate them”.

To take part, those interested will be able to tell their story of their credit card pending instalments in the most recent post of Itaú Argentina’s Instagram account feed. 

The three best will be chosen by a jury of senior marketing executives, and then submitted to a public vote. The winner will be announced on 25 February.

“People are the centre of what we do, and this time we want to accompany them and get to know them a little better, through their stories, in which Banco Itaú is also a part,” said a representative of Itaú.

Lovelorn Argentinians can more about the terms and conditions of the contest here.