Bidnamic kicks off 2022 with Fight Co partnership

fight co lead

Fight Co, a boxing and martial arts equipment supplier based in Leeds, have chosen Google Shopping specialist, Bidnamic, to manage the company’s Google Shopping campaigns.

Fight Co partnership

Bidnamic will optimise Fight Co’s over 2000 SKUs in the UK market, adjusting bid values on keyword searches to ensure products remain at the top in an ever-changing market.

Google’s own Smart Shopping can be used by retailers to manage bids, but is limited in the growth it can help them achieve because of a lack of access to customer data that can help decide where marketing budgets should be spent.

Bidnamic’s AI machine learning and industry expertise will help Fight Co to help scale their business and improve their visibility on Google Shopping by providing access to performance data and search terms and growing the amount of sales generated on the platform.

Liam Patterson, CEO and Founder at Bidnamic said: “Doing what we do, you always hate to see a brand take a few punches when trying to get their Google Shopping campaign right. 

“We’re excited to help another Leeds-based company expand. Accessing customer data to manage a Google Shopping campaign is a massive help, but understanding the industry is pivotal as well. 

“Combining both, we’ll be able to get Fight Co’s products in front of those that are most likely to buy them.”

Matthew Radford, Sales Director at Fight Co said: “We had been burned by working with agencies previously so decided to make the switch to machine learning to optimise our Google Shopping campaigns. 

“We’d heard about Bidnamic’s strong expertise and industry knowledge and are confident they will be able to supercharge our online profiatiblity. We’re definitely in the right hands now!”