Zoflora launches new “scent-sational” brand identity

zoflora disinfectant rebrand

Zoflora, the UK disinfectant brand, is bursting into the new season with the launch of its contemporary new packaging that champions the quality ingredients within the cult cleaning product.

Zoflora campaign

The new-look product hits shelves in March 2021, alongside a weighty, multi-million pound brand awareness driving campaign incorporating TV, social media and digital advertising. 

The new design showcases the premium notes used to create the range of the brand’s fragrances, whilst clearly “elevating the versatility and focusing attention on the disinfectant properties of the product”, said Agata Racka, Design Director at PB Creative, the London-based agency who designed the new packaging.

Sarah Fozzard, Head of Home Hygiene at Zoflora said: “Zoflora has been keeping homes hygienically clean and beautifully fragrant for almost 100 years, and we are extremely excited to be bringing this much-loved heritage brand into the 21st century. 

“This innovative packaging refresh goes against the norms of a traditionally, functional category and has doubled propensity to purchase in our research with non-users.

“With a bigger focus on the high-quality ingredients within Zoflora which make it stand out in the category, and a clearer interpretation of efficacy and usage occasions, we can’t wait for it to hit shelves. 

“We’re sure it will be loved by our loyal Zoflora community and non-users alike”.