Zefr joins Ad Net Zero, partners with Cedara on decarbonisation


Zefr, the global leader in brand suitability targeting and measurement for walled gardens, has joined Ad Net Zero, a cross-industry initiative aimed at reducing emissions from advertising operations and driving sustainable behaviour change in the industry.

Ad Net Zero and Zefr

As part of Ad Net Zero’s five-point plan to achieve net-zero emissions by 2030, Zefr pledges to take practical steps to reduce carbon emissions within the industry.

Zefr remains committed to demonetising climate-related misinformation and disinformation across social platforms, as misinformation has been proven to hinder meaningful progress towards climate action.

Zefr’s proprietary AI technology provides the most comprehensive brand protection from disinformation (intended to mislead) and harmful content in the marketplace.

Through advanced AI and ground truth data from global fact checking organisations, Zefr’s solutions enable the detection and measurement of misinformation across social platforms, including the newly released capability to measure misinformation on TikTok.

Zefr’s stance against misinformation promotes transparency and continued industry collaboration, accelerating the effort to defund harmful climate misinformation.

In partnership with carbon intelligence platform Cedara, Zefr said it will do its part to accelerate the decarbonisation of the advertising industry by leveraging Cedara’s Enterprise solution to measure its organisational carbon footprint, including its campaign-related activities, and ultimately implement an emissions reduction and carbon offset strategy.

Access to Cedara’s Investment Hub allows brand partners to follow Zefr’s sustainability progress including carbon emissions intensity and reduction efforts.

Additionally, as a member of Ad Net Zero, Zefr joins forces with major advertising holding companies, advertisers, and industry bodies to collaboratively reduce carbon emissions from advertising.

“Zefr believes that responsible marketing includes minimising the carbon impact of advertising on the environment, and these partnerships demonstrate our continued commitment to transparency and collaboration within the industry”, said Christopher Murphy, SVP Global Business Development, Zefr.

“By reducing carbon emissions and further accelerating the demonetisation of climate-related misinformation, Zefr sets an example for others in the industry”.