YoungMinds reveals refreshed brand by Livity to reach more young people


YoungMinds, the youth mental health charity, today launched a refreshed brand identity created by youth specialist agency Livity.

The refresh is an important step in the charity’s growing commitment to expand and diversify its reach to more young people who need access to mental health support.

YoungMinds brief

Livity was tasked with creating a brand identity to better connect and increase engagement with those beyond the charity’s existing demographic.

To help achieve this goal, Livity ran research with 14-25yr olds to explore why YoungMinds wasn’t reaching a wider demographic, talking particularly to Black, minoritised and marginalised young people.

The updated brand identity includes a new logo and palette of colours, icons and fonts lifting the brand into a newer, positive space resulting in an updated toolkit for the charity.

All aspects were designed and created with direct influence from young people, especially those with marginalised voices, to create a strong brand identity that authentically represents the mental health needs of all young people.

Lucy Taylor-Mitchinson, Head of Communications at YoungMinds, said: “This is a crucial time for young people’s mental health, the world has changed, and young people’s mental health is worsening. With our refreshed brand we will be there for all young people as we respond to what they need now.

“Through our work with Livity we listened to young people, centring Black, ‘minoritised’ and marginalised young people to understand how we can better reach and support them.

“Our refreshed brand will help us to connect more young people and amplify the voices of those on the margins of this conversation, who aren’t currently heard by those in power.

“We are hopeful for the future. We’re going to be more honest and vocal about the things that matter to young people.

“By continuing our commitment to young people’s mental health and creating communities for young people to voice their stories and ideas, together we can bring about change.”

Lucy Harmony Grimes, Lead Designer at Livity, said: “Working directly with young people was a truly special element to this project and genuinely informed the brand design we created.

“We focused on building trust for the organisation and visually realigning it with current audiences.”