Young Brits set to lead return of consumer optimism after lockdown

Young brits - consumerism

Young Brits are set to lead a return to consumer optimism once current lockdown restrictions start to ease, according to Ocean Outdoor‘s latest survey.

Ocean said that leading the charge back to some kind of normality are the 18 to 34-year-olds, who say they will be taking the feel good factor to new heights in the all-important out of home environment.

“For a group that has probably struggled more than others with their mental health during this pandemic, it’s been a long time coming”, said Ocean Insights Manager Monika Tomova.

Young Brits - after lockdown

But spring is almost here and with it a huge slice of optimism, something the outdoor ads firm said it has measured via its @TheLocal exclusive consumer panel.

Young Brits: Roadmap + vaccines are boosting spirits

Some 30% of consumers report they are feeling more optimistic since the roadmap to easing lockdown was announced. This increases to 43% among ABC1s and 53% among Londoners.

Moreover, 35% of consumers say they feel more optimistic about the pandemic since the roll out of vaccines.

A sizeable 37% also report feeling more positive, which increases to 49% among those most exposed to OOH advertising.

Young Brits - after lockdown

However, while 75% of respondents say they support the proposed roadmap to recovery, 10% want to see restrictions lifted earlier than is currently proposed.

OOH: Tapping into consumer anticipation

Ocean’s @TheLocal panel is a chance to gauge how 18 to 34-years-olds plan to spend their time and money post pandemic and it’s brilliant news for the hard pressed hospitality, retail and leisure industries.

Young Brits - after lockdown

The panel shows there will be a rapid return to what we like doing best with 30% of 18-34s and Londoners say their finances have improved compared to this time last year.

Another 55% report that their finances have remained stable despite the effect of the pandemic on jobs and income.

And after 12 months of relative frugality, the 18 to 34-year-olds have saved cash to splash, saying they will increase their spend by at least 10% across all categories.

Going All Out

Life is for living and retailers, hospitality and the leisure industries are well rehearsed for the big return and it’s fair to say people are ready for the return! Nightclubs are expected to take in record numbers and are also being warned to keep an eye out for people using a fake id Florida in order to get in. This comes as older teenagers are also bored of lockdown and will do anything to get into nightckubs with their older friends.

New habits and routines are well ingrained, and after months of enforced social isolation, who’s really going to mind the extra space, queue or vaccine app if it means we can fly, sit is a stadium or go out to the pub?

Young Brits - after lockdown

“27-year-old me. I’m planning a beach holiday as soon as we can travel again”, said Tomova. “More immediately, I will be making the most out of what London can offer and really savour and appreciate it now that I’ve not had the chance to explore new places, galleries, bars and restaurants for over a year. Chin-chin!”

Young Brits – What 18-34s are saying

DJ Daisy-Mae, aged 26, Hackney (@ The Local resident): “I have really missed being able to hug my family and friends!

“The first thing I will do when lockdown ends is head to my favourite nightclub and dance the night away.

“I will not miss awkward Zoom meetings!

“I’ll stop taking life for granted and will take every opportunity that comes my way.”