Xiaomi’s Mi Ads confirms AppSamurai as core ad agency in EMEA


Mobile ads platform AppSamurai has been appointed as the core ad agency in the EMEA region for Mi Ads, the International Internet Advertising Platform of mobile device maker Xiaomi.

The move means that the mobile ads platform, which is known for servicing industry giants like Nike and Dominos, has now officially joined hands with Xiaomi, one of the world’s top Android device vendors. 


“This partnership highlights a momentous milestone for AppSamurai. Since we entered the market, we have strived to create a state-of-the-art mobile marketing one-stop shop offering advertisers the unique ability to reach their intended audiences around the globe through one platform”, said Osman Soysal, Head of Media Business, AppSamurai. 

“AppSamurai is proud to announce that app owners can now access Mi Ads’ expansive inventory through the AppSamurai dashboard.”

The One-Stop Shop app advertiser will be Xiaomi’s main point of contact for advertisers looking to promote their apps on Mi Ads within the EMEA region. 

As an industry-leading specialist in campaign creation, management and optimisation, AppSamurai will bring its valuable mobile marketing expertise to users looking to explore Mi Ads.

“We are glad to announce AppSamurai as our official core ad agency in the EMEA region. We are confident in their industrial know-how as well as their ad intelligence, reach and influence”, said Jack Wang Wei, Senior Sales Director of Global Monetization Team, International Internet Business Dept., Xiaomi.  

“Our team sees this value-added partnership with AppSamurai as pivotal within the long term project for Mi Ads in EMEA.” 

As of June, 2022, Xiaomi’s MIUI operating system has more than 547 million Monthly Active Users across more than 100 markets globally. 

The huge user base and the diversified ecosystem Xiaomi relentlessly builds within MIUI can provide more opportunities for developers and marketers worldwide. 

App promoters can launch different types of campaigns spanning various cost models thanks to Xiaomi’s original app placements within Mi Browser, Mi Music, Mi Video and its exclusive app store, GetApps. 

In addition, Xiaomi offers advertisers an expansive selection of targeting options, making the connection to specific audience segments easier than ever before.

Originally based out of San Francisco, AppSamurai endeavours to bring high volumes of premium-grade traffic to aid its clients in their user acquisition targets. 

Its expansive inventory of OEM traffic, Influencer marketing and DSPs as well as its overwhelmingly positive reviews have brought AppSamurai to the forefront of 3rd party advertising agencies.