Xero launches second ad featuring Flight of the Conchords’ Darby

xero 2nd conchords ad - mediashotz

Xero, the global small business platform, has launched the second instalment of its campaign featuring Flight of the Conchords’ comedian Rhys Darby.

The aim of the creative is to remind small firms about keeping their business on track and how Xero’s products can help them to control and master their finances online, 

The campaign, created by Engine Creative, broke across TV, radio and OOH on 30 August. 

Xero campaign

The strategy follows on from the initial campaign, built on the insight that accounting and bookkeeping isn’t something to be ‘boshed’, ‘done’, or ‘smashed’. 

It’s at the heart of any business, and crucially important to have control over if you want a healthy business, reflecting the concept that ‘healthy business is beautiful business’.

The 30-second TV spot features Rhys Darby comparing running a business to climbing a mountain, which then turns into an active volcano with burning lava. 

Darby dodges the volcano and emerges unscathed with a mobile phone displaying the Xero smartphone app, showing how much easier it is to manage business finances when you have Xero accounting software in your hand and on your side. 

He is then seen whizzing down a mountain, on a bicycle that transforms into a time-travelling motorbike, all the while keeping a grip on his business finances.

The radio spot sees Darby talking about how completing a VAT return online with Xero will feel less like treading water surrounded by grumpy seals and more like relaxing while bathing in a rainforest surrounded by birds of paradise.

The creative also features pimped-up golf carts and boxing gorillas, with these epic analogies dramatising the impact of Xero on small businesses.

John Coldicutt, Xero Marketing Director, UK & EMEA said: “Many small businesses will be finding ways they can not only survive, but also thrive in the coming months. 

“These businesses are the lifeblood of the economy, so post-pandemic recovery will depend on it.

“Using Xero to take control, and master the inner workings of their business will be crucial to this, which is why the Healthy Business proposition created with ENGINE is such a perfect fit for our brand.”