Xbox reveals Formula 1 partnership with social campaign


Xbox has announced it is the proud new Official Console Partner of the BWT Alpine Formula 1 racing team with a global social media campaign.

Xbox and Formula 1

The launch film, which showcases the raw power of these two powerhouses, was created by Common People Films, directed by Ben Newbury, in collaboration with Miai Brand Partnerships.

Xbox’s campaign will run on Youtube and across all of the brand’s social media channels.

The film shows an Xbox Series X powering a wind tunnel facility, which triggers a rolling road the Alpine F1 car is sat on. Green smoke engulfs the car, simulating an aerodynamic test. Then the camera moves to the back of the car to reveal an Xbox Nexus created by the smoke floating in mid-air.

The piece was shot on a motion control rig using an Alexa LF camera.

It was devised by Ben Newbury working alongside Taya Mai, Creative Lead at Miai Brand Partnerships and Ramy Dance, Founder and EP at Common People Films.

Claudine Harris, CEO of Miai Brand Partnerships, said: “It was an absolute pleasure to work with the team at Common People Films, on the creation of the video to announce Xbox as The Official Console Partner for the BWT Alpine F1 Team.”

Ben Newbury, Director at Common People Films, said: “What could be more fun than working for Xbox and Alpine F1?

“Throw a motion control shoot and CG smoke into the mix and it got nerdy – but it was epic!

“Since the re-introduction of ground effect and the engine freeze in 2022, the most important element of a Formula 1 car today is its aerodynamics.

“It decides how it looks, how it drives and how fast it can go. It is what makes an Alpine, an Alpine. So the idea was, as we get round the back to our reveal, the car’s aerodynamics are carving the rushing green smoke into the green Xbox Nexus.

“Intrinsically binding the two brands together. Whilst showing off the power of the Series X and the Alpine F1 car. I’m really proud of the spot and all of the incredible people that worked on it.”