Wunderman Thompson predicts 100 trends that will define 2022

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From net-zero alcohol and 3D audio to travelportation, metasocieties, and regenerative brands, ‘The Future 100: 2022’ looks ahead to the defining 100 trends in consumer behaviour and innovation for 2022.

100 trends

Wunderman Thompson today launches the 8th edition of The Future 100: 2022, its annual essential trend almanac offering a snapshot of the year ahead and the most compelling trends to keep on the radar.

The Future 100: 2022 from Wunderman Thompson’s futurism, research and innovation unit, Wunderman Thompson Intelligence, offers 100 original trend predictions across 10 sectors, spanning culture, tech, travel and hospitality, brands and marketing, food and drink, beauty, retail and commerce, luxury, health, and work.

Emma Chiu, Global Director of Wunderman Thompson Intelligence said: “Now in its 8th year, we’re delighted to launch The Future 100: 2022 and share the creative innovations that are set to go mainstream alongside the shift in consumer behaviours. 

“In 2021, cautious optimism set the pace as the world reflected on the challenges of 2020 and looked to a year of societal healing.

“This year ushers in a resolute positivity that encourages playfulness and creativity. 

“This optimistic outlook will take us on a journey into the near future, where a new digital era is on the horizon as the metaverse shifts from a sci-fi concept into reality. 

“Lifestyles and businesses will shift to become climate friendly as being sustainable is no longer enough, while the physical and emotional tax of the last two years is forging a holistic, sensitive, and nuanced approach to wellbeing. 

“Brands and marketers are leading with positivity, eager to provide joy in people’s lives by creating euphoric ads as they, too, ride the optimistic wave.”

Highlights include:

  • Culture – Unbounded optimism: Brands are projecting a progressive and positive outlook for 2022, encouraging playfulness and creativity.
  • Tech & Innovation – Virtual teleportation: Technologists are opening up digital portals into a new virtual dimension that offers more intimate, close-to-reality in-person interactions.
  • Travel & Hospitality – Meditative travel: Meditative integrations are making every journey a mindful one.
  • Brands & Marketing – Brandalism: Vandalism for good is hijacking ad space and exposing brands’ missteps, demanding they do better.
  • Food & Drink – Liquid Immunity: Wellness aficionados are quenching their thirst while supercharging their immune systems.
  • Beauty – Acidic care: Skincare brands are homing in on the benefits of acidic ingredients.
  • Retail & Commerce – Virtual flagships: Digital flagship stores are taking over e-commerce storefronts.
  • Luxury – Sonic luxification: Luxury brands from fashion to auto are investing in audio hardware, luxifying the listening experience.
  • Health – Emotional health: Recharge zones for emotions are emerging in public spaces around the world.
  • Work – Metaverse recruits: From virtual material designers to creatives across the board, companies are hiring for a metaverse workforce.

‘The Future 100: 2022’ follows Wunderman Thompson Intelligence’s ‘Into the Metaverse’ trend report launched in September 2021.

Wunderman Thompson launched its own branded metaverse during CES 2022 to showcase insights from the report, and teach clients and brand marketers about the metaverse itself, exploring the elements of this new frontier of customer experience that will shape our future and change how we do business.

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