Wunderman Thompson Intelligence report tracks post COVID19 trends

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Wunderman Thompson Intelligence has pinpointed the trends and behaviours that define the new world; as business and consumers respond to the COVID-19 pandemic.

New trends report

Wunderman Thompson’s new report, ‘The Future 100 2.0.20,’ is a follow-up to its ‘The Future 100’ report released in January.

It highlights 20 key trends that have been fast-tracked by the outbreak; as well as five new trends that have come to light.

The global lockdown has given people time to reflect on their values, highlighting the importance of community, the need for better public health regulations, and the drive to protect future generations.

In order to thrive in this new landscape, brands and marketers must address these new consumer attitudes.

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Still believing: WTI report sees shift in values and drive to protect future generations.

Optimism on the rise

The report finds that despite the rise of anxiety levels — especially among younger Americans, who worry about the future—consumers are also seeking hope and positivity in the form of uplifting stories and programs to inspire future generations. 

The new language of advertising 

Regulations around flattening the COVID-19 curve have led to a less touch-oriented world.

Brands and advertisers are rethinking communication strategies in order to bring people together without the need to congregate physically. 

The gaming multiverse 

The report also highlights the popularity of gaming and its versatility, providing an outlet for companionship, education and stress-relief.

Brands move from competing to collaborating 

Competitive brands are increasingly putting aside old rivalries and working together for the greater good.

There has been increased investment in vital services, with Apple and Google collaborating on a contact-tracking app; while GSK and Sanofi join forces in the search for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Other emerging trends include the rise of gamescape travel as the tourism industry taps into new virtual worlds in search of escapism, and novel dining formats as restaurants rethink the dining experience.

We’ll also see the rise of anti-consumerism, with shoppers focusing on essentials and becoming more mindful in their purchasing habits.

In addition, new payment gestures will grow with the acceleration of frictionless payments and contactless throughout the entire purchase process, including delivery.

Download the full report, including all 25 trends, here.