Wunderman Thompson creates bespoke metaverse experience at CES

wt bespoke metaverse

Hot on the heels of the metaverse frenzy, Wunderman Thompson has built a bespoke metaverse experience to give clients the opportunity to find out more about this new frontier of customer experience.

The experience premiered at CES 2022, held last week.

WT’s bespoke metaverse

The Wunderman Thompson metaverse explores how virtual and physical realities can converge and the elements of the metaverse that will shape our future and change how we do business. 

The branded metaverse experience examines the meta-trends that impact consumers through the creation of MetaLives, MetaSpaces, MetaBusiness, and MetaSocieties. 

‘Inspiration Kiosks’ were also placed throughout the metaverse to give users contextual information about the experience and insight from Wunderman Thompson Intelligence’s recent report, ‘Into the Metaverse’.

Wunderman Thompson partnered with Odyssey to bring this platform to life and premiered the experience during a session at CES led by Emma Chiu, Global Director of Wunderman Thompson Intelligence. 

The global communications network wanted to offer clients ongoing opportunities to experience the bespoke platform and other innovations as part of their mission to inspire growth for ambitious brands.

“From conception to execution, the Odyssey team have been brilliant partners” Chiu said. 

“Their use of pixel streaming technology in their platform means our metaverse is accessible now, without high-end computer hardware or software, so people can join from anywhere in the world to understand the intricacies of this new space and establish a roadmap for entry.”

Naomi Troni, Global Chief Marketing & Growth Officer at Wunderman Thompson said: “We wanted to truly explore this interesting new frontier in customer experience and what better way to talk about the metaverse, but IN the metaverse. 

“Emma is a true thought leader in this space, so it’s exciting to be able to share her CES talk with clients and partners who can’t make it to Las Vegas this year. 

“I’m continually inspired by the opportunities the metaverse presents and am excited to be able to share our branded metaverse experience with people to explore the meta-trends that impact consumers through the creation of MetaLives, MetaSpaces, MetaBusiness, and MetaSocieties.”

Reid SantaBarbara, CEO of Odyssey added: “CES has historically been a place for brands to demonstrate their most forward-thinking work. 

“With the conversation around the metaverse growing, we wanted to deliver an experience that contributed to CES’s legacy of innovation. 

“Creating this experience to exemplify Wunderman Thompson’s ‘Into the Metaverse’ report provided the perfect opportunity to do just that – with Odyssey’s pixel streaming stack, we’ve created a unique insight as to what the metaverse can be for brands, in a manner that is accessible by anyone with a web-connected device.”

Wunderman Thompson continues to develop its expertise in the metaverse space, launching ‘Into the Metaverse’ in 2021, an in-depth report that outlines what the metaverse is, how it’s changing people’s lives and creating new opportunities, and why brands need to pay attention. 

The Wunderman Thompson metaverse experience parallels the points made in the report and Emma Chiu’s session at CES.