WPP pulls out of Russia amid Ukrainian conflict

wpp leaves russia

Global advertising and media powerhouse, WPP, said it is discontinuing all its operations in Russia.

The FTSE-100 listed company said in a statement that it “stands with Ukraine and the international community in condemning the Russian invasion, which has created a humanitarian crisis in the heart of Europe.” 

WPP out of Russia

WPP said its board concluded that WPP’s ongoing presence in Russia would be inconsistent with its values as a company, and that it was therefore discontinuing our operations in the country.

WPP has nearly 1,400 people in Russia who have been dedicated and valued members of its organisation, and the company said it thanked them for their commitment to the company and its clients. 

“We deeply regret the impact of this decision on our Russian colleagues”, WPP said. 

“We will provide support to them and work closely with our clients and partners as we discontinue our activities in the country.”

In a clear show of the interconnectedness of global companies with a presence in many countries, WPP said: “Our 200 people in Ukraine have shown extraordinary resilience and bravery in the face of the horrific attack on their country, and we have been inspired by their example and the outpouring of support from their colleagues in the region and worldwide.” 

WPP said it is in constant contact with its leaders in Ukraine to provide financial and other forms of practical assistance for its employees.

The advertising firm said it has partnered with UNHCR, the UN Refugee Agency, to run an emergency fundraising appeal to help people forced to flee their homes in search of safety in other parts of Ukraine or neighbouring countries. 

It also confirmed it was match-funding all donations by WPP employees.