World’s first negatively quoted IPO launches on Paris stock exchange

first negatively quoted ipo Babel - mediashotz

European financial markets have opened today with the world’s first negatively quoted IPO for Childhood Index Value (CIV) at minus 142.7 billion euros.

The mock IPO quotation on the Bourse de Paris stock exchange is part of digital and print campaign including a 52-second spot created by award-winning French advertising agency Babel for Innocence En Danger (IED), a global movement for the protection of children against violence, specifically sexual abuse.

First negatively quoted IPO

Anticipating UN International Day of Children’s Rights on 20 November, IED’s negative Childhood Index Value mock IPO draws attention to the enormous economic costs of child abuse, compelling the financial world to invest in childhood.

A 2015 UN report ‘The economic costs of violence against children’ estimated that acts of violence against children cost 142.7 billion euros each year in Europe and trillions worldwide – the equivalent of 8% of global GDP according to the UK Overseas Development Institute (ODI). 

The figure is not only the estimated cost incurred by health and social systems treating the physical and mental aspects of childhood violence and the cost of criminal justice systems. 

Significantly it also recognises indirect costs on society when victims of childhood violence become adults: they are on average less educated, have lower incomes, are less productive and more affected by unemployment.

Childhood Index Value (CIV): a priceless investment

IED points out that beyond the obvious humane reasons to invest in the welfare of children, there are compelling reasons to contribute financially as well.

“With the launch of the Childhood Index Value negative IPO quotation we are drawing attention to the financial costs of lack of child welfare policies,” explained Homayra Sellier, President and Founder of Innocence En Danger/Innocence In Danger. 

“Our IPO stock market campaign highlights the serious financial costs of neglecting childhood – and demonstrates that investing in it will have real economic returns. 

“There is no better investment nor no value that beholds more future potential. Everyone should ‘invest’ in childhood, including the financial world.”

The ‘value’ of childhood

IED’s appeal is straightforward: to raise the value of childhood, go to the association’s website and make an investment that counts. 

IED has set a target of 50,000 euros for this Childhood Index Value campaign.

As the Childhood Index Value campaign progresses, the value will symbolically increase according to the level of donations.

This investment enables IED to continue its work: prevention and also legal and psychological support for victims and their families.

Creative solution

Agence Babel, France’s leading independent advertising agency, partnered with IED in 2019 with its impactful Demotivation Letter campaign aimed at the corporate world. 

With its latest Childhood Index Value mock IPO campaign, Agence Babel’s has its sights on high finance. “By taking childhood to the stock market we’re speaking to the financial world directly,” said Jean-Laurent Py, Creative Director at Agence Babel. 

“For Innocence En Danger to be heard, we felt the charity should talk the language of money and investment in its heart-felt appeal to invest in childhood.”