Wolff Olins drops film on its creation of the London 2012 Olympic Games logo

london olympics 2012 wolff olins film

Ad agency Wolff Olins is celebrating the 10th anniversary of the London 2012 Olympic Games with a nostalgic film looking back at the iconic brand it created for the sporting event.

Back then, Boris Johnson was Mayor of London, Brexit was a far-off, and rather unlikely event, few had ever experienced a pandemic and less still would have thought The Donald would become US President. But there you go. 

London 2012 identity

Wolff Olins said it created a brand identity for London 2012 that shocked many at the time, but became instantly recognised throughout the nation.

The agency admitted that, “while it split opinion and caused a media frenzy when it was first unveiled back in 2007, with some calling for a redesign, we always believed in the work”.

It broke the mould for Olympic logos, eschewing national symbols and the dominant Olympic rings. 

Wolff Olins said that while it wasn’t allowed to tell the story behind the design at first, once seen in situ on tickets, venues and merchandise, and embraced by sponsors, it became an integral part of the Games that captured the joy, energy and participation of London 2012. 

An Olympics like never before. And a Games identity like never before.

“10 years on, we still love the 2012 logo and brand identity”, the agency said.

“It was embraced by fans and came to symbolise the 2012 fever that gripped the nation.”

London’s 2012 Olympics is one of the most memorable of the modern era of the games. The opening and closing ceremonies alone drew huge audiences and featured iconic one-off collaborations with characters like James Bond (Daniel Craig) and UK monarch Queen Elizabeth II, appearing to arrive at the games by jumping out of a helicopter.