What makes ads perform best on Snapchat? – VidMob survey

ads that perform best

VidMob, the platform for Intelligent Creative, today announced three new reports in partnership with Snap, which look into what makes ads perform best on the Snapchat platform. 

The reports analyse the creative elements that exhibited the highest performance for financial services, CPG (consumer packaged goods) and entertainment ad campaigns on the Snapchat platform. 

Overall, changes in creative design were associated with improvements in key metrics for Snap Ads.

Ads that perform best across three verticals

Across the three verticals, there were several common creative characteristics that were associated with higher ad performance:

  • High contrast imagery – Creatives with a high degree of contrast and bold colours saw a 15% higher swipe up rate for financial services compared to low colour contrast videos, while high contrast ads saw a 40% higher swipe up rate for the entertainment category. Similarly, CPG ads with high colour contrast yielded twice the screen time as other ads.
  • Minimised text – View rate was 175% higher for financial services creatives when less than 5% of the screen was dedicated to text, while the difference was 85% for CPG ads. When text took up less than 5% of the screen, entertainment ad swipe up rates were 23% higher.

Creative is a highly dynamic element of an advertising campaign, and performance can vary by brand and activation, said VidMob. 

Performance of ad creative can also vary dramatically based on trends in culture, news, and even weather. 

The research found that within specific verticals, specific creative elements were particularly important. For example, a clear, early call-to-action matters for entertainment and CPG creatives. 

Those with a clear call-to-action in the first two seconds saw an increased swipe up rate of 71%, while CPG ads were 64% higher. For financial services, view rates were 39% higher when the creative opened with a celebrity spokesperson.

The insights are based on findings from VidMob Creative Analytics, VidMob’s proprietary, AI-powered, visual image processing software, which tracks everything from the colour scheme of the ad, to the eye gaze of the models used in the ad to the text prompts used in call-to-action buttons.

VidMob said it analysed a total of 3,846 Snap ads on Snapchat from 86 different CPG ad accounts; 2,882 Snap Ads across 513 campaigns from 23 different financial ad accounts; and 7,572 Snap Ads across 4,179 campaigns from 79 different entertainment ad accounts

“We know that ad creative is a major driver of campaign performance, and on Snapchat, it’s especially impactful to have creative that is compelling, interactive, and built for mobile,” said Brett Wein, US Head of Verticals, Snap Inc. 

“Together with VidMob, we’ve uncovered specific creative elements that CPG, financial, and entertainment brands can leverage to help their campaigns stand out. 

“We look forward to seeing our partners take advantage of these findings to achieve maximum engagement and performance for their campaigns.”

Stephanie Garofoli, VP of Partnerships at VidMob, said: “Snap and VidMob partnered on this analysis to help uncover how to make creative that works – for brands and for Snapchatters alike. 

“The findings show that creative can account for 2x and 3x increases in performance, a major factor in campaign success”.

“While these insights provide high-level guidance, it’s important for every brand to analyse their own unique creative to have the greatest positive impact on performance.”