What if – BBH imagines ‘Life With More Chances’ in new Paddy Power campaign


What if the Brexit referendum never happened? What if VAR had never been introduced? What if Milton Keynes wasn’t so… Milton Keynes?

These are just some of the absurdist scenarios that are brought to life in BBH‘s latest campaign for Paddy Power Games, which imagines “Life With More Chances.”

What if…

Featuring Paddy Power regulars Abbey Clancy, Peter Crouch, and Shaun Williamson, the film takes a tongue-in-cheek look at those sliding door moments that can define your life, or even the path of history.

Settled on the sofa with her husband Peter, Abbey is playing Paddy Power’s Wonder Wheel on her phone, when suddenly her mind starts to wander into the past.

From Brexit to potentially problematic baby names and even meeting her beloved husband, we’re left wondering what might have been had one of these decisions gone the other way.

When she meets Peter in this alternative world, we hear her iconic response; “He’s a bit long isn’t he?! No thanks!” bringing her back to the present moment, and she snuggles happily into her newly replaced husband – none other than Shaun Williamson.

The campaign is designed to engage and entertain gamers who enjoy playing online versions of casino favourites like roulette, blackjack, poker and slot machines.

BBH has again injected Paddy Power’s famously mischievous spirit into the work, bringing in existing and new audiences with its trademark aping of celebrity and sports culture.

James O’Reilly, Head of Gaming Marketing for Paddy Power, said: “We’ve all wondered how our lives might be different if given a second chance.

“Like right now, I’d bet any money Crouchy wishes he didn’t agree to us giving him hair extensions that made him look a bit like Rodney from Only Fools and Horses.

“But sadly, unlike Paddy Power Games, he won’t get another chance to change his mind.”

Luke & Lawrence, Associate Creative Directors at BBH, said: “The moment Dom & Kier pitched ‘Imagine Life with More Chances’ we knew we had another Paddy Power classic on our hands.

“Let’s be honest there’s a part of us all that wishes we’d taken the chance to pull Barry from Eastenders in a sticky floored noughties nightclub.

“Or the chance to stop VAR before it gave Liverpool fans even more things to moan about. And that’s why if we had another chance, we’d have made this film again and again.”

The campaign launched today (27 October).