What brand marketing and creativity might look like in 2122

billboards in 2122 - Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Few of us have given much thought, or indeed column inches, to how the media and marketing landscape might look in the far-off distant future, like 100 years from now in 2122. 

Right now, we’re all obsessing over the immediate future and the hot new tech buzzwords of the moment – hands up if you’re still trying to get your head around the metaverse and NFTs yet!

But Nina Nørgaard Jacobsen, CEO and Founder of video marketing platform, Biites, says people have started asking her about the long term view of what the relationship between brands and customers might have evolved into by the 22nd century – and it seems like it’s going to be a lot ‘friendlier’ than it is today…

Nina Nørgaard Jacobsen, Founder & CEO at Biites
Nina Nørgaard Jacobsen, CEO and Founder of Biites.

I was recently asked to envision the advertising industry in 2122. As the ever-evolving fast-paced arena in which we work changes on an almost daily basis, looking ahead two years is no mean feat, never mind one hundred years. 

2122 – The merging of silos

However, I’m interested in how advertising and creative merges and become a more integrated part of consumers’ lives, so, when I think about the future of advertising, I envision creative will be everything. 

Today, we’re seeing creative work that couldn’t have been imagined even five years ago, and certainly couldn’t have been easily distributed to consumers. 

Brands have already started to create their own ‘Netflix-style’ binge-worthy content that customers want to watch. Something that would have been unheard of only a few years ago and is now getting serious traction. 

This type of content attracts customer attention and as we all know, ‘attention’ is a diminishing resource in an increasingly cluttered marketing and advertising ecosystem.

It matters more than ever, and it’s even harder to achieve.

In the future, we’ll have audiences willingly engaging with content for a long time purely because they really like it. They will live it, own it and wear it by 2122. 

future of brands - Image by https:::melovess.com from Pixabay
Brand ads and creativity will merge bringing us closer than ever to our favourites.

Moreover, they will be introduced to new brands by their favourite brands. Ads and the video content we consume are already beginning to merge, and we’re just at the very start of this journey. 

People will have a strong affinity with brands in the future and the content they see will be woven into all parts of their daily life. 

Brands’ best friends

We will be the brand, wear the brand, live the brand, and meet the brand’s best friends. We’ll be curating our own branded lives. Our favourite brands will be the friends of our future lives. 

Looking back to 1922, people weren’t that different from who we are today. We had the same desires, feelings and wanted the same things we do today. 

The core of who we are and what we want remains broadly the same. Using data positively and giving people the opportunity to curate and create their own ads rather than ads being created for them presents a huge new opportunity. 

Human futures - Image by beate bachmann from Pixabay
Adsodyssey: Consumers will drive their connections with brands in the next century, says Nørgaard Jacobsen.

We’ll be mixing and matching our own ads and living it in the decades ahead. 

Creative is exploding right now, yet we’re still taking a traditional approach in the way we distribute ad campaigns. 

We need to take a longer-term view – and create brilliant content that our children will want to show to their children. 

It’s content that touches people emotionally, tells a story and builds preference through conversation at the dinner table and between friends.

Embracing longer-term thinking and creating ad content that resonates across the ages will ensure longevity. 

It can unlock opportunities for brands and consumers to work in partnership to curate their own relevant and personalised ad experiences – and ultimately create customers who actively seek out the brand.