Wellbeing to be pushed up the business agenda in mid- to long-term

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Brands will need to reconsider their approach to wellbeing in how they interact with consumers in the coming decades, according to a new report.

Thrive: the Future of Wellbeingpublished by OMG Futures, examines how biological, environmental and demographic revolutions will impact consumer mindsets in the mid to longer terms.


The Report comes from OMG UK’s head of futures Phil Rowley, author of last year’s Hit the Switch: the Future of Sustainable Business. 

It combines thought leadership with the latest thinking, research and trends data covering politics, regulation, economics, tech, science, mental and physical health.  

Building on three core areas, Brain, Body and Biosphere, the report extrapolates how particular scenarios could impact the health of each – and how that would affect consumers.

From sadness, sex and obesity, to love, lifespan and climate anxiety, it considers key trends driving the future of human wellbeing through the lens of ‘Five ‘Os.’ 

These are the underlying traits brands will need to factor into their media and marketing strategies to remain relevant throughout the 2020s, 2030s and beyond. 

The five core tenets are:

  • Optimised: as tech measures further aspects of our lives, there will be pressure to optimise for the right metrics – from calorie intake to C02 output.
  • Older: longer life- and health-spans will give older generations more influence, financially, politically and culturally, upending current marketing strategies.
  • Overseas: an ageing Western population with a skills gap may result in the outsourcing of citizenry, influencing society, politics, culture.
  • by Oneself: as human socialisation evolves through technology, it will have a profound effect on who we are as a species and how we communicate and interact.
  • Overextended: the threat of global overconsumption has wreaked havoc on our biosphere, creating enormous challenges for both consumers and businesses.

Phil Rowley, head of futures at Omnicom Media Group UK, said: “Our lives will become longer and healthier, we will be more connected, yet more socially isolated. 

“Our basic needs will remain the same though – health, wealth, love and companionship.

“Rapid technological, environmental and societal shifts will make fulfilling those needs evermore complex. 

“Brands and businesses will have their work cut out, so this report articulates how they can – and should – develop strategies to support their audiences. 

“Moreover, it underlines why they must start acting now to develop mid-to-long term plans if they are to succeed.”

The full report, Future of Wellbeing, is available to download free here.