Weborama reduces environmental impact of campaigns with IMPACT+


Weborama, a global leader in targeted advertising in the cookieless world through its semantic AI, has partnered with IMPACT+, the pioneer in measuring the carbon footprint of digital advertising campaigns.

By incorporating IMPACT+’s tool into the core of Weborama’s Trading Desk, the Weborama teams will be able to measure and reduce the carbon footprint of each online advertising campaign and provide concrete recommendations to advertisers and their media agencies.


Through Weborama’s multi-DSP, multi-format, and multi-device Trading Desk, these advertisers and media agencies benefit from the power of contextual and behavioral data, scored and segmented, as well as semantic AI, all working to enhance media efficiency.

The partnership with IMPACT+ enables them to combine environmental and marketing indicators to swiftly act on reducing greenhouse gas emissions without compromising media metrics.

Digital advertising and its distribution have significant environmental impacts due to the surge in queries and data volumes transmitted.

The electricity production required for this distribution, as well as the production of hardware equipment (servers, networks, user terminals), carries a true environmental cost.

Since its inception, Weborama’s Trading Desk has been combating advertising waste and excessive messaging by delivering useful advertisements in the right place and at the right time, where there is genuine value for advertisers and users.

The impending end of third-party cookies, and thus a partial shift away from systematic ad targeting, presents an opportunity for advertising to reinvent itself and create a more sustainable environment.

Given Weborama’s mission to address new technological challenges faced by agencies, publishers, and advertisers while maintaining a respectful relationship with internet users, partnering with a carbon measurement and reduction platform like IMPACT+ was crucial—a pivotal step towards building this sustainable advertising ecosystem.

By utilising IMPACT+’s platform for programmatic campaigns, Weborama now possesses environmental KPIs (electricity consumption and greenhouse gas emissions).

Its Trading Desk can then steer advertising investments towards the most environmentally friendly inventories and contexts in real-time, adapting to campaign performance.

Therefore, this partnership tangibly merges planetary preservation with advertising efficiency.

“At Weborama, we combat overconsumption and wastage of advertising inventories by deepening our data mastery and understanding, thus gaining efficiency while limiting deal ID waste”, said Mykim CHIKLI, CEO EMEA, Weborama.

“Partnering with IMPACT+ and integrating this tool into our processes takes us further in this understanding. The goal is clear: to successfully reconcile advertising efficiency and ecological transition.”

Vincent VILLARET, CEO, IMPACT+, “said: “Embracing sustainability in advertising is not just a trend; it’s a powerful driver of consumer trust and loyalty.

“We’re thrilled to announce our strategic partnership with Weborama, which will enable their brand and agency clients to not only measure the environmental impact of their campaigns but also to reduce this impact across their digital advertising spend, and build more sustainable strategies.”