We Are Social creates 2020 ‘horoscopes’ for top brands


Global creative agency We Are Social has devised tongue-in-cheek, highly personalised horoscopes for top brands such as McDonald’s, Zara, Dyson, Nintendo and Dior.

The company wisely stated that predicting the future has never been easy for brands.

We Are Social searches the stars

So, to find out what 2020 has in store for some of the world’s most famous companies, We Are Social in France consulted the stars.

The wacky horoscopes combine an in-depth analysis of the stars, psychological insights and plenty of sarcasm.

Consulting with the stars and looking further into the psychic world has recently grown in popularity with people from all over the world.

Companies, as well as individuals, love having the ability to learn more about what their future has in store.

Regardless of whether they decide to see full list on jpost.com to find out where they can get their online psychic readings from, or if they decide to meet with an expert in person, our horoscopes and the stars in the night sky can tell us a lot about what we could be expected to face in the future.

That being said, the complete line-up of future-gazing readings can be found on Instagram.

McDonald’s home truths

In its astrological readings, McDonald’s, an Aries, is faced with some home truths: “You love attention, you crave for attention, and you’ll never have enough of it.

Big hack: McDonald’s reading says the world is changing – and maybe it should, too.

“But the world is changing, and if you don’t stop and take a look once in a while, you could miss it. Otherwise, you’ll just become another boomer (I mean, look at your veggie food supply).”

Opinions on Zara

Meanwhile, fashion brand Zara, described as an “extremely curious” Gemini, is warned: “By trying everything, you wanna please everybody.

“You know it’s an impossible task, right? Existential crisis is on its way, so you should be prepared.

Fashion forward: Zara needs to develop an opinion instead of trying to please everyone.

“For 2020, and the decade to come, one piece of advice: have an opinion.”

All twelve signs of the zodiac are featured – alongside 12 top global brands.