We Are Social boosts editorial unit with two senior promotions

we are social editorial hires cottrell hecks

We Are Social has appointed Charlie Cottrell as its first Executive Editorial Director and Sarah Hecks as Head of Editorial as the company strengthens its commitment to the evolution of its editorial unit and product.

We are Social Editorial unit

Cottrell, who is promoted from her role as head of editorial, set up We Are Social’s editorial department when she joined the company in 2013.

Hecks has been working as interim Head of Editorial, during Cottrell’s recent maternity leave. Both Cottrell and Hecks have been instrumental in the department’s growth.

Cottrell will be focusing on the evolution & strategic direction of the firm’s editorial product and new business, while Hecks will be focused on the management of the 40-strong editorial department.

Jim Coleman, UK CEO, said: “Our editorial department has gone from strength to strength since its conception nine years ago, and a large part of this success lies with Charlie and Sarah. 

“Their leadership has led the growth of the team, delivering exceptional work for our wide array of clients.

Cottrell said: “When I set up the department, my job was to help brands navigate the challenging jump from doing a few, carefully controlled advertising campaigns to daily publishing that captured attention in people’s social feeds. 

“The vision was clear – make content people actually want. Along the way we realised our social content was building communities around brands, helping our clients to shape culture. 

“We had created a new kind of product for a new era of marketing.

“Sarah has done a phenomenal job continuing to grow the department in my absence and I’m excited to get back to doing meaningful, creatively powerful work that gets people talking about our clients.”

Cottrell will report into executive creative director Simon Richings.