Wayfair urges us to ditch the Greige in colourful new ‘go your own wayfair’ creative


Wayfair is calling time on the Age of Greige and samey interiors, instead urging us to express ourselves in how our homes look with its new “Go Your Own Wayfair” creative platform, which has been devised by BBH.

‘Go Your Own Wayfair’

“Go Your Own Wayfair” is BBH’s response to a time when interiors have been overtaken by sameness, and when our homes look like our coffee shops, which look like our offices, which look like our homes.

Wayfair offers the antidote, with a huge range of furniture, decor and more that ensure our homes express our real selves – but can only help us to do so if we recognise just how prevalent the cookie cutter blandness has become.

The first instalment of “Go Your Own Wayfair” does just this, starting with a film called “Escape the Catalogue”, created by BBH and directed by Björn Rühmann, through Smuggler.

It tells the story of a young couple trapped in a dystopian catalogue world of minimalist bland furniture.

Once they see their reality for what it is, they are able to break free from the confines of the catalogue into the vibrant, eclectic world of Wayfair where they can fully express themselves in their home and create a new reality of their own.

“Escape the Catalogue” makes its debut on social media before appearing on TV starting in July, accompanied by a suite of stills showing the quality and variety of products in the Wayfair world.

It marks the first instalment of an omnichannel brand campaign running in the UK that will ensure Wayfair is fixed in people’s minds as the number one destination for all things home.

A second instalment is set to appear early in 2024.

“Wayfair has already built strong brand awareness in the UK”, said David Twehues, Chief Marketing Officer Europe at Wayfair.

“With the launch of our new platform, we are taking a leap forward with an ownable positioning, keeping Wayfair relevant and top of mind as consumers think of their homes”.

“Together with BBH, we identified humour and authenticity as a way to connect with UK customers. By pairing that with our extensive product selection that is built for home, we arrived in this vibrant creative territory.

“A lot of exciting work is coming down the line, starting with this film, and we are excited to see this come to life across all marketing channels.”

Helen Rhodes, Executive Creative Director at BBH, said: “When Dorothy said ‘There’s no place like home’ she obviously wasn’t living through the Age of Greige”.

“In the first instalment of ‘Go Your Own Wayfair’ we’re opening eyes to this homogeneity and emboldening the audience to make design choices which reflect who they are, with the help of Wayfair’s immense range of products.”

Escape the Catalogue launches the Go Your Own Wayfair platform, and marks BBH’s first engagement with Wayfair – following a competitive strategic and creative pitch in 2022.