Wavemaker staff to spend firm’s 2nd birthday thinking up $25k ideas


Global advertising network Wavemaker Global is challenging its 7,600 staff across the world to join forces for a global idea generation day.

The aim is to create an initiative that will propel the agency and its clients forward in 2020.

Set to take place on Wavemaker’s official 2nd birthday (9 January), The Keep, Growing Challenge will see teams in every Wavemaker office around the world dedicate the day to answering the question: “To keep, Growing around the world we will …”.

Keep and Grow

The challenge is a two-pronged initiative with the ‘Keep’ referring to the company retaining its existing values and clients. The ‘Growing’ element targets expanding the organisation, people and client base.

Jenner is calling upon staff to come up with ideas that will have a tangible effect on business.

Ideas time: Wavemaker will invite all staff to sit back and think up new ideas.

$25k budget

The challenge is designed to fuel growth for clients and the agency. The only caveat is that the winning idea can be delivered with a budget of $25,000.

“The Keep, Growing Challenge is designed to build upon the Wavemaker team spirit, furthering our entrepreneurial energy and deliver an amazing idea that will keep our clients and our agency growing”, Wavemaker Global ceo Jenner said.

“We will come together on 9 January to challenge the norms, push boundaries, think, debate and create.

“After all, we have some of the smartest and most creative minds in the world working for us, so who better to help devise new and exciting ways to drive our business forward?”

Winning idea

At the end of the challenge, each office will have one winning idea which will be that market’s submission to the region.

Regional winners will be entered into the final global competition. Wavemaker’s Global ExCo will choose the winner they believe will make the biggest difference to the business and its clients.

The winning team will present its idea at Wavemaker’s Global Leadership Summit in February.

The initiative will start this year and build into a yearly tradition.