Waoo launches virtual hitman service for weary Fortnite gamers


Danish internet provider Waoo has launched a tongue-in-cheek virtual hitman service for weary loved ones of Fortnite gamers.

“Just one more game…”: if you are dating a gamer, you have probably heard the phrase 1,000 times before.

An English study even found that Fortnite was the reason couples divorced in 5% of divorce filings.

But now, together with Uncle Grey, Waoo has launched a ‘dead-smart’ solution called Love Squad, for all lovers who are tired of gaming: a virtual hitman service where frustrated and neglected partners can order an in-game hit on lovers if they have trouble stopping the game.

Virtual hitman Love Squad

The idea of the campaign is based on insights about the internet, and it is a humorous way of drawing attention to the fact that we know very well that lightning-fast internet from Waoo is not the solution to everything, and that it is also important to spend quality time together away from the screen.

“At WAOO, we have always had users’ experiences at the centre and therefore it is also interesting to put a humorous focus on one of the fastest growing phenomena of our time, namely the time spent on gaming”, said Sidse Bæk Andersen, Brand Manager, Waoo

Waoo has gathered a squad consisting of five of the country’s most talented professional gamers and streamers – Jaxstyle, Marie Watson, Esther, Tobii and Jørgen Bjørn, who are ready to carry out assassinations in four of the most popular game titles: Counter Strike: GO, GTA5 Online, Fortnite and Call of Duty. All in the service of love.

 The various creative approaches and media help lift the conversation from the world of gamers, into the couple relationships and then out to the wider WAOO audience.

All without losing the authentic conversation and nerve, which is a necessity to achieve success within an otherwise closed community in gaming.

“Gaming is the biggest entertainment industry of all time and we see many brands trying activations in these universes with a high level of creativity and innovation.

“We thought that “Love Squad” starts from a relevant cultural tension and starts an interesting conversation”, said Lars Samuelsen, Creative Chairman & CSO at Uncle Grey.

On the campaign page  you can order an online hit on your partner and write a loving or less loving message, which will be handed over when the task is completed.