Walk-In Media partners with Bombora to find audiences for EMEA clients

walk-in media partners with bombora

UK-based media agency  Walk-In Media has partnered with marketing data provider Bombora to boost its relevant audience reach across Europe. 

Walk-In Media’s brand clients used Bombora’s data to reach prospective and current B2B customers, the firm said.

Bombora data

A provider of so-called intent data for B2B marketers and agencies in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa), Bombora built its Company 

Surge data from its proprietary, privacy-compliant cooperative of thousands of business websites. 

The Data Co-op measures more than 20 billion monthly content-consumption events. This data informs marketing and sales leaders about which businesses are researching the products or services that they and their competitors sell.

“It’s wonderful to work with a company that understands the B2B world and Account-Based Marketing so well,” said Walk-In Media’s Director of Paid Media Carrie Webster. 

“Bombora has scale and reach. The data performs. Bombora helps our clients reach the accounts they want to reach.”

With more than 400 ‘taxonomised’ off-the-shelf targeting options and a limitless amount of customised targeting options through ABM and Company Surge, Bombora offers privacy-compliant and granular B2B targeting at scale in EMEA through integrations with every major DMP and DSP. 

This first-of-its-kind Data Co-op is GDPR and CCPA compliant, with opt-in from 4,000+ websites, including EMEA-specific publishers, to aggregate online business research consumption activity. 

Additional online and offline sources are used to augment digital audiences with demographic and firmographic information. 

This data is then aggregated into B2B segments for targeting and media activation.

The top B2B targets in EMEA include professionals and decision makers in security, technology, IT, marketing, healthcare, and small/medium-sized businesses. Customers typically use an ABM target list or a Company Surge net-new list of accounts demonstrating active intent on topics of interest.

“We’re pleased to provide Walk-In Media with the B2B data its clients needed to reach new prospects and convert them,” said Bombora Senior Director of Audience Solutions Mahmood Butt. 

“We’re glad to be here on the ground in EMEA, helping ABM customers layer additional firm-level and persona-level attributes to create segments based on topics of interest for search and programmatic display/video efforts. 

“Intent data gives marketers an important new tool.”