Waddell Media wins bid for Sotheby’s property doc for Channel 4

waddell sothebys doc

Waddell Media has secured exclusive access to prime property specialists, UK Sotheby’s International Realty, for a fly-on-the-wall Channel 4 documentary.

The one hour special is set to air this Christmas.

Waddell is one of Ireland’s largest and most successful independent production companies, based in Belfast, Northern Ireland.

Waddell Media doc

One outcome of the current COVID pandemic is the dramatic increase of high net worth UK individuals moving to the countryside in numbers that have never been seen before.

Selling Britain’s Most Expensive Homes (working title) will offer viewers a fascinating insight into this exclusive world through UK Sotheby’s International Realty, an estate agency that deals with some of the most expensive homes in Britain.

The programme not only offers a unique view into the lives of some of the wealthiest people living in the UK today, but also an insight into the mass exodus from the city to the country.

Through access to the vendors and buyers in this elite world, viewers will get inside the minds of the ultra-rich, and what is driving the massive changes they are making to their lives.

Fascinating insights

Jannine Waddell, Managing Director of Waddell Media said; “This film will give viewers a fascinating insight into the latest property gold rush with a surge of people leaving towns and cities in a global pandemic.

“We get to meet the buyers and the sellers of these incredible properties all over the UK.”

Tim Hancock, Commissioning Editor, Formats and Features at Channel 4 said, “Just like the rest of us, the superrich have reacted to lockdown by dreaming of a life in the country.

“They just do it a little differently. Combining outrageous property porn with an insight into the lives of the richest people in Britain, this documentary promises to show just how the 0.1% experienced 2020.”

Selling Britain’s Most Expensive Homes has been commissioned by Channel 4’s Tim Hancock, Commissioning Editor, Formats and Features and is Exec Produced by Jannine Waddell and Sophie Wurzer-Williams.

Lee Salisbury is Producer and Colin Rothbart is Director.