WACL launches Gender Pay Gap toolkit

wacl toolkit

Women in media industry body WACL said it has launched a toolkit designed to empower every business to interpret and use the data they report to the best effect.

WACL said it is on a mission to accelerate gender equality and, following the success of its campaign calling on the UK government to reinstate Gender Pay Gap reporting, it has now uploaded a toolkit to help companies manage the process of understanding and reporting their data. 

WACL joined forces with the CMI and Fawcett Society to successfully campaign for government to reintroduce mandatory gender pay gap reporting this year after it was put on hold due to COVID-19 in 2020.

Proactive toolkit

In light of the news that the EHRC (Equity and Human Rights Commission) is now looking to instate Ethnicity and Disability Pay Gap reporting by the end of the year, this toolkit is designed to help businesses take proactive steps towards greater gender equality.

wacl toolkit pic
Key to growth: Gender pay equality will lead to a diversity dividend.

“If you report, you’re only at the start of a critical journey,” explained WACL President 20/21 and Founding Partner & CEO of The Brooklyn Brothers, Jackie Stevenson. 

“The subsequent action plan will result in a more diverse business, one which is happier and, ultimately, a more profitable. 

“Making changes can be challenging. We need a constant drum-beat of activity to keep this important issue front-of-mind. This toolkit outlines steps we can all take.”

A recent survey by the CMI showed that some 85% of respondents support gender pay gap reporting, while 80% also support ethnicity pay gap reporting. 

Furthermore, over two thirds support mandatory gender pay gap reporting, while the same proportion also favoured extending pay gap reporting to SME-sized companies with 250 employees or less.
Ann Francke OBE, Chief Executive at Chartered Management Institute, commented: “We are delighted to celebrate the WACL GPG Toolkit launch. 

“It is absolutely full of practical tips on how to close your Gender Pay Gap. I urge any business that is serious about equality, diversity and inclusion to read it as a matter of urgency. 

“My sincere thanks to everyone who helped to make this happen.”