VOXI tackles Gen Z messy eaters with chicken box phone stands


VOXI Mobile, the mobile network for social media lovers, has turned 50,000 fried chicken boxes into mobile phone stands to ensure Gen Z’s chicken stays in their mouth rather than on their phone in its latest creative campaign.

Inspired by the popularity of chicken shops and the number of young people who use social media while eating in them at any time of the day or night, VOXI, alongside creative agency AMV BBDO set out to tackle the biggest problem faced by those having a munch while they meme: grease.

VOXI nuggets

So, to avoid the screen smears caused by greasy, spicy, un-licked fingers, the VOXI Boxi was born – an ‘inventive’ cardboard fried chicken box with a revolutionary design that hacks the humble fried chicken box into a clever phone stand.

Through following the instructions printed on the inside lid of chicken boxes, which feature VOXI branding, customers can fold the lid in three places to create their own phone stand.

They can then watch as much as they want whilst eating their chicken, without having to worry about a grease-covered phone afterwards.

To launch the activation, VOXI enlisted the help of a chicken shop Bossman to promote the innovative functionality on social media.

The VOXI Boxi chicken boxes are available across 51 chicken shops nationwide, including branches of Morley’s, Chicken Cottage and Chicken Valley.

The activation is part of a wider summer campaign that also includes OOH and three 20-second social media films starring best friends Frank and Syd, VOXI’s brains-in-jars brand mascots.

Maria Koutsoudakis, Brand Director, Vodafone UK and VOXI, said: “We strive to ensure that whatever we do with VOXI we are part of cultural conversation. How better than to do that than with a super fun campaign that solves an everyday problem for customers.”

AMV BBDO Creative Directors Michael Hughes and Dalatando Almeida, said: “VOXI’s hunger for fame is matched only by Gen Z’s appetite for fried chicken, and we are proud to support its ongoing efforts to find it and disrupt in a category in which disruption is long overdue.”

VOXI’s 2023 spot in which brains in jars attempt viral TikTok dances was AMV BBDO’s first work for the brand. The agency was appointed as VOXI’s lead creative agency in March that year.