Vodafone Italy highlights women’s abuse stories in TikTok campaign

vodafone italy ottosudieci

Vodafone Italy has created “OttoSuDieci” (“EightOutOfTen”), an exclusive TikTok series created by We Are Social Milan, which raises awareness of gender violence issues in Italy.

A recent report by ISTAT analysed data on calls to the European public interest phone number 1522. 

It showed that in Italy, 8 out of 10 women do not report the violence they have suffered, avoiding telling their story publicly. 

There are several reasons for this: concern for their children and for themselves, fear of social repercussions, economic dependence, shame, lack of awareness and more. 

“OttoSuDieci” dedicates its eight episodes to explain these possible causes, while reminding viewers that asking for help is the right decision, even if it seems the most difficult one.

Vodafone Italy and TikTok

The episodes are available on an exclusive TikTok profile, a platform chosen to raise awareness among young people and educate them on this topic. 

Each video was written and interpreted by four of the most popular young Italian creators on the platform: Zof (Sofia Pannilini), Roberta Zacchero, Valeria Vedovatti and Daniele Davì (in collaboration with Matilde Santantonio). 

They were chosen for their ability to make the most of the platform’s language, telling complex stories in a direct and immediate way, as well as for the sensitivity they have shown in the past supporting the cause.

The first episode was launched on the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (25 November) and supported by an integrated campaign live across TV, radio, OOH, DOOH and print.

Moreover, the initiative reinforces the commitment of Fondazione Vodafone against gender violence, encouraging people to use Bright Sky, the application created in collaboration with CADMI – Casa di Accoglienza delle Donne Maltrattate (Welcome Home for Abused Women) – and Polizia di Stato (State Police), to provide women who suffer domestic violence or abuse with resources, support and concrete help.

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Ending the stigma: Vodafone Italy’s OttoSuDieci campaign will share stories of women suffering abuse.

The services include the mapping of support services throughout the country, the rapid 112 call that can be activated with a single touch on every page of the app, as well as questionnaires to assess the risk of a relationship and to dispel stereotypes and clichés about the phenomenon of violence. 

A new browser version of Bright Sky is also available, making it accessible also to those for whom it is impossible to use it from mobile for security reasons.