Vodafone Ireland’s Secure Net campaign spotlights digital safety

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Vodafone Ireland has collaborated with Grey London on a new multi-platform campaign for Secure Net, its new digital protection product. 

Secure Net uniquely works through Vodafone’s network, meaning it is available both inside the home on a fixed broadband connection for multiple devices, and outside on a connected device, helping ensure online time is spent safely.

Secure Net campaign

Vodafone’s Secure Net ATL campaign, made up of TVC, VOD, radio, retail, social and digital, will run across multiple channels for six weeks, highlighting to parents and individuals the opportunity to protect their families and themselves online.

The campaign creative showcases Secure Net’s security and content features that help mitigate cyber-threats, improve security, and encourage families to explore the internet with confidence.

It conveys two elements in its messaging, the product’s functionality, both its digital protection, parental controls and in-and-out-of-home capabilities, and the emotional element of how Secure Net offers parents peace of mind.

The TV ad sees teenager Aidan navigating his way through the first day of school highlighting how daunting new experiences can be for teenagers. 

The ad shows different scenarios of him searching and being protected by Secure Net from malicious or inappropriate content on his devices.

In the final scene, he looks to his phone for reassurance on the bus to school, innocently typing ‘How do I make a friend?’. Malicious links pop up and straight away Secure Net kicks in with a warning, blocking access. It ends with Aidan making a true connection with a new classmate.

Excitingly, the script was picked up by highly renowned James Rouse who brought his impeccable casting instincts and copious experience of capturing authentic feeling moments to craft a highly emotional piece for TV in Ireland and a longer one for socials and YouTube. 

Rouse’s film will also be played in Cinemas across Ireland where viewers will experience their own urge to protect the boy from all and any harm. 

It is James Rouse’s first project with Biscuit Filmworks.

Speaking on the launch of Secure Net, Orla Nagle, Head of Brand, Vodafone Ireland, said: “This campaign brings to life the functionality of our new Secure Net product and the reality of digital threats for teenagers and families. 

“Consumers are more aware of online security than ever before, as phishing and malware scams increase. We understand that this is a challenge for everyone, but especially for families with children using connected devices. 

“This fully integrated campaign aims to highlight how daunting new experiences can be for teenagers.”

Pedro Rosa & Roberto Kilciauskas, Group Creative Directors at Grey London, added: “Every parent wants to raise their children to the world. But when it comes to the modern version of the old tale, that task becomes even more complex. 

“If the digital world brings unprecedented freedom, it comes with some threats too. Vodafone can now play a relevant role in this important aspect of life, giving the freedom and safety that our kids need to grow. 

“We continue Grey’s journey with Vodafone Ireland to bring truthful stories of human connections.”

The campaign runs across six weeks on TV, VOD, radio, retail, social and digital channels.