Vodafone Ireland celebrates life with GigaHome launch


Vodafone Ireland and Grey London have created a new multi-platform campaign to launch its new connected home product, Vodafone GigaHome, into the Irish market. 

Combining Super Wi-Fi, Always Connected, and Secure Net, it offers customers the best in-home connectivity on the market.

GigaHome campaign

The TTL campaign will run across TV, VOD, out-of-home, radio, social and digital for 6 weeks from 3 October and will celebrate the connections we can always rely on, even in our time of need, just like Vodafone GigaHome.

The TV execution introduces us to a family, with separated parents who remain united in co-parenting their teenage daughter. 

We follow the family’s daily routine, which includes the Dad picking up his daughter for school every morning, come rain or shine. 

It’s clear throughout the spot how reliable he is to his family, but the extent of his dependability is really demonstrated when his daughter least expects it as she struggles through a break-up.

Aimed at families with older children, heavy broadband users and multi-device households, the campaign creative uses the everyday life of Dad and daughter to highlight the benefits of the GigaHome product – enhanced coverage, connection and protection.

Through Super Wi-Fi, it delivers reliable coverage to every corner of your home and offers Wi-Fi calling and a support team of Wi-Fi experts, while Always Connected provides automatic network-switching from broadband to mobile, keeping you seamlessly connected.

Safety and security are provided through Secure Net, Vodafone’s recently launched digital protection product, which aims to improve security, and encourage families to use the internet with confidence, as well as offering parental controls.

The TV execution was shot by renowned director James Rouse at Biscuit Films. It is his second campaign for Vodafone, having made the TV work for the launch of Secure Net in the summer. 

Irish actor Killian Scott continues as brand VO.

Speaking on the launch of Vodafone GigaHome, Orla Nagle, Head of Brand, Vodafone Ireland, said: “At Vodafone we understand how essential coverage, reliability and security are when it comes to our customers’ connectivity needs. 

“When launching GigaHome, we really wanted to capture and celebrate the joy of reliable human connections, while anchoring the creative with key features and benefits GigaHome offers. 

“We instantly fell in love with this script from Grey as it celebrates just how powerful the connections you can always rely on in life truly are through a beautiful, relatable story of a modern Irish family.”

Pedro Rosa & Roberto Kilciauskas, Group Creative Directors at Grey London, added: “Reliability can be a funny thing: the more reliable something or someone is, the more invisible it becomes. 

“By shining a light on the importance of having a reliable connection in life and drawing a parallel with GigaHome, we created a relatable story and reinforced the brand’s credentials around bringing emotional human-led stories to its Irish audience.”