VIOOH and Yahoo partner to explore the value of prDOOH


Today, VIOOH, a leading premium global digital out-of-home (DOOH) supply-side platform in partnership with Yahoo Advertising has released a whitepaper examining the potential outcomes of including programmatic digital out-of-home (prDOOH) within multi-channel campaigns.


As outlined in VIOOH’s annual State of the Nation report, a key request from advertisers is to understand how prDOOH fits within multi-channel campaigns, and how to best measure its impact.

Analysing a series of case studies, the report outlines the best way for advertisers to maximise multi-channel campaign impact through the inclusion of prDOOH.

Findings indicate that prDOOH’s inclusion in multi-channel media plans can drive more attention, boost engagement, and improve overall campaign effectiveness.

Two key outcomes:

  1. Including prDOOH in a multi-channel media plan adds incremental value to the return on investment (ROI) of the digital media mix due to the priming effect – DOOH plays an important role in preparing consumers for conversions during re-engagements on other channels.
  2. As a channel prDOOH can boost offline outcomes in terms of sales and footfall as a result of its ‘attention-grabbing’ characteristics and flexibility as a programmatic medium.

In the UK, Danone Aptamil’s campaign revealed the impressive impact of prDOOH (programmatic digital out-of-home) advertising on ROI.

This study highlighted prDOOH’s ability to grab attention and boost ROI by increasing sales and foot traffic. Specifically, it showed a 15% sales increase directly linked to prDOOH and a remarkable 37% boost when prDOOH was combined with digital channels.

Similarly in Australia, a campaign with Tourism Tasmania showed prDOOH advertising contributed to a significant 31% lift in website visits, with the overall campaign responsible for a 51% increase in visitation to Tasmania.

Supporting the priming effect, the study also examined a multi-market campaign from Jones Lang LaSalle across Australia, Singapore, and Hong Kong, and a campaign from Schroders in Singapore, where prDOOH was used alongside digital channels, to drive incremental online campaign results.

These included significantly increased website visit rates for audiences primed by prDOOH, as well as an +80% overall mobile retargeting click-through rate (CTR) for prDOOH primed audiences, underscoring the power of the offline priming effect and positive impact on ROI.

The report also outlines how advertisers can optimise targeting, increase brand awareness, and drive consumer behaviour offline and online by leveraging the strengths of both broadcast and digital channels to deliver ROI.

Helen Miall, CMO at VIOOH said, “This whitepaper has been prompted by a significant increase in demand for prDOOH from advertisers, and a desire to understand how it can best be used alongside and within multi-channel campaigns.

“This report highlights its potential for delivering effective campaigns across upper and lower funnel tactics, and how prDOOH can be successfully combined with individual media to drive campaign effectiveness.”

Alice Beecroft, Senior Director, Global Strategy & Partnerships at Yahoo said, “In today’s digital media landscape, programmatic digital out-of-home provides advertisers with the crucial ability to adapt in real-time.

“This adaptability is essential for effectively engaging their audience within a comprehensive omnichannel campaign.

“The results in the whitepaper show how prDOOH as part of the digital marketing mix drives incremental value where a connected bridge is formed with other channels to reach consumers wherever and whenever it matters most.”