ViewersLogic names Simen Moen Head of Data Analytics

simen moen

ViewersLogic, the leading consumer data behaviour company, has announced the appointment of Simen Moen to the role of Head of Data Analytics.

With a wealth of knowledge of the TV attribution space, Moen previously spent several years as a Senior Data Analyst at the7stars, the UK’s largest independent media agency.

Simen Moen

In his new role, Moen will be responsible for interpreting ViewersLogic’s vast pool of passively collected consumer data to provide clients with unique cross-media insights on the customer journey to purchase and help them optimise their marketing spend.

“Having used ViewersLogic on the agency side, I saw the opportunity to help agencies and brands understand how empirically accurate Single-Source data can draw a direct line between media spend and consumers’ actions”, Moen said. 

“TV has always been a powerful brand-building medium, yet campaigns are measured in very blunt ways and buyers risk spending millions of pounds without being able to prove impact.

“This is still an industry problem at large and where ViewersLogic plays a vital role in helping to quantify true effectiveness and close the attribution loop.”