ViewersLogic claims awareness step-change with “Brand Consideration 2.0”


ViewersLogic, a leading consumer behaviour data company, has launched its pioneering “Brand Consideration 2.0” solution, which transforms how brands measure consumer journeys and brand consideration.

“Brand Consideration 2.0”

By leveraging single-source data and AI-powered consumer behaviour analysis, the product provides a faster, more cost-effective, and highly accurate alternative to traditional brand awareness methodologies.

Until now brands have relied on brand awareness and consideration techniques, such as surveys, to understand consumer considerations when making purchasing decisions and the sequence in which they explore their options.

This information is crucial, as the consumer’s decision-making journey significantly influences conversion rates. However, such conventional methodologies suffer from several drawbacks, from slow data collection and high costs, to the limitations of self-reported data — which may not always reflect actual user behaviour accurately.

It can also be challenging to attribute changes in brand awareness to specific marketing activities using conventional techniques, making it difficult to understand the real impact of campaigns on consumer behaviour.

ViewersLogic said its Brand Consideration 2.0 solution solves these problems. Basing its process on actual consumer behaviour data, the solution eliminates the need for proxies and self-reported information.

This means that it can provide real-time, precise, and actionable insights for brand engagement and consideration; informing marketers on the most effective paths for optimising their campaigns.

How “Brand Consideration 2.0” Works

Brand Consideration 2.0 operates by analysing all consumer journeys within a specific sector during a designated time frame — typically one week, although the duration can vary by sector.

It offers critical data on various aspects of brand engagement, including:

  • The percentage of journeys in which the brand was the sole one considered.
  • Instances where the brand was not part of the consumer’s journey.
  • The position of the brand within the consumer’s journey (first, second, third, and so on).

Moreover, it allows for a detailed breakdown of this data based on exposure to specific advertising campaigns or activities, whether TV or online.

This means brands can precisely understand how their marketing efforts impact brand engagement and consideration. Importantly, analysis can be done retrospectively, enabling brands to compare the before-and-after effects of campaigns and measure the long-term impact.

Another benefit is that actual sales conversions, and therefore the ROI of campaigns, can be comprehensively understood by brands from different consumer journeys.

To illustrate, the graph below examines the change in the % of journeys that started with Go.Compare before and after its sponsorship of “The Voice”. The graph separates between users who were exposed to the sponsorship and those who weren’t.

The data reveals a notable contrast between the non-exposed and exposed groups.

Specifically, within the non-exposed group, the count of journeys commencing with Go.Compare after the end of the sponsorship was 22.1% lower than prior to the sponsorship while in the exposed group, the number of journeys commencing at Go.Compare grew by 13%, proving the effectiveness of the sponsorship.

% Of Journeys Starting with GoCompare
Source: Viewerslogic

In another example, below a stacked graph shows, for each month between Jan-2022 and August 2023, how many journeys in the property sector did not include Zoopla, and in how many it was first, second, third or fourth.

This can easily be broken down into exposed/non-exposed to understand the effectiveness of each campaign.

% Of Journeys Position Split by Month
Source: Viewerslogic

Sameer Modha, Measurement Innovation Lead at ITV, said: “We’ve found ViewersLogic’s Brand Consideration 2.0 tool to be a practical and finely tuned detector of changes in brand consideration, especially as it runs on their single source panel, meaning it can be linked to anything that happens anywhere on TV.

“In our case, we’ve found it especially useful for detecting the impact of TV sponsorship on the customer journey in a way that demonstrates what we all suspect – that the response to sponsorship goes well beyond the guesstimated eight minutes that’s visible with spotlift techniques.”

Simen Moen, Head of Data at ViewersLogic, said: “With ViewersLogic’s Brand Consideration 2.0 product, brands no longer need to rely on slow, expensive, and inaccurate brand awareness studies.

“This groundbreaking solution offers a cost-effective, real-time, and data-driven alternative to understanding brand engagement and consideration.”