ViewersLogic brings single-source data to Ebiquity platform


ViewersLogic, the consumer behaviour data company, has announced a partnership with Ebiquity to bring insights from its Single-Source Data Panel (SSD Panel) to Ebiquity’s media investment analysis platform.


This collaboration will provide Ebiquity’s clients with access to the valuable consumer behaviour data captured by ViewersLogic, enhancing their ability to make informed decisions and optimise their media investments.

By combining ViewersLogic’s comprehensive data with Ebiquity’s robust analysis platform, this partnership aims to deliver deeper insights and improve the effectiveness of media campaigns.

The ViewersLogic SSD Panel measures the media consumption, online and offline purchases, and location data over time for the same individual following TV and online advertising exposure.

Through this data, marketers can understand for the first time the effectiveness of their campaigns in terms of hard business metrics such as sales, footfall, app downloads, and website visits.

The ViewersLogic partnership enhances Ebiquity’s Media and Marketing Effectiveness offerings in the UK to more accurately gauge the link between media spend, consumer behaviour and ROI.

Brands can follow Ebiquity’s guidance on optimised marketing investment and then track the efficacy of these optimisations throughout the campaign against a range of KPIs outside the scope of standard media metrics.

ViewersLogic’s single-source data enables direct comparison between the responses of consumers who have been exposed to a campaign versus those who have not, allowing Ebiquity’s clients to definitively measure:

  • Quantifiable increase in website visits and footfall during the campaign period, including estimated additional store visits in the weeks following the campaign.
  • Identification of the most effective channels, programs, dayparts, and spot lengths based on response rate and cost per response.
  • Evaluation of the impact and effectiveness of historical and current campaigns, including those of competitors, to inform strategic media planning decisions.

Nic Pietersma, Group Director Analytics and Martin Radford Director of Research and Insight at Ebiquity, have both used Viewerslogic data to bring new insight to their work by connecting advertising exposure to consumer response – be it store visit, web visit or transaction.

Pietersma said: “The data forms a bridge between our two main offerings, the media analysis and the return on investment.”

Radford added: “The data is another option we offer to our clients through our Panorama approach to better understanding the advertising process.”

Ronny Golan, CEO & Co-Founder of ViewersLogic, said: “This partnership is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the strength of single-source data to Ebiquity’s UK-based clients,”

“Now brands can measure the impact of their TV campaign on the metrics that matter most to them and can do so in-flight rather than having to wait for post-mortem campaign analysis.”