Vidmob launches AI-driven diversity reporting tool


Vidmob, the creative data company, today announced the launch of its new AI capability, allowing marketers to monitor and analyse how their advertising represents talent diversity.

Vidmob AI-driven diversity tool

Using refined and rigorous AI models, diversity reports provide marketers and advertisers with unique data on key diversity factors including skin tone, physical presentation and age.

The advertising industry is making a conscious move towards prioritising diversity and inclusion in advertising, and there is clear consumer demand for this; Amazon claims that globally, +70% of consumers expect brands they buy from to prioritise DEI, and take action to promote diversity and inclusion in their online advertising.

However many groups are still under-represented.

As brands strive to develop creative that best represents their values and better reflects their audiences, it’s critical that they have a holistic view of campaigns across all platforms.

AI-driven diversity: New VidMob tool will help advertisers ensure improved DEI.

Traditionally, overseeing a multitude of creatives dispersed across various channels and regions was a time-consuming and prolonged process.

Vidmob’s Diversity Reports now provide a scalable solution that puts diversity at the forefront, allowing for comprehensive monitoring of intricate creative catalogs.

Key benefits of Vidmob’s diversity solution:

  • Access to creative data on the distribution of age, physical presentation, and skin tone across an entire creative catalog in minutes
  • Critical data to understand deficiencies, establish diversity goals, and track progress
  • Unique and critical insights for informed creative development and adaptations

“The inclusion of diverse creative is essential for equitable representation in advertising and holds the potential to enhance business performance” said Mickey Alon, Chief Product and Technology Officer at Vidmob.

“Studies show that consumers gravitate towards inclusive brands. Leveraging AI empowers advertisers to monitor diversity across thousands of assets, providing greater influence over business outcomes”.