VidMob introduces Intelligent Creative SaaS platform

vidmob intelligent creative

VidMob, the leading platform for Intelligent Creative, today announced a new SaaS platform offering that provides marketers with the fastest path to creative that works. 

Growth, demand, media, and creative teams can now have direct access to VidMob’s powerful suite of integrated analytics, creative automation, production workflows, and creative talent network. 

Marketers can now more easily surface creative insights that drive performance and act quickly and efficiently at scale.

Intelligent Creative from VidMob

VidMob’s platform for Intelligent Creative reduces the friction that often comes between creative design and data-driven advertising when working to follow in-flux best practices, or scale to meet production demand. 

Marketers can easily measure and act on data and insights with more effective creative to drive better creative performance across the lifespan of a campaign. 

Data on the creative elements that are driving performance help inform decisions on creative direction that are based on what’s working, rather than opinions or intuition.

“We had the need for a scalable solution that was very clear, and could report very quickly on what worked according to platform best practices and various KPIs”, said Ander Lopez Ochoa, Head of Digital Marketing, Media & eCommerce Marketing at Johnson & Johnson.

“VidMob’s Intelligent Creative platform has enabled Johnson & Johnson to learn what’s driving performance along with the insights behind it. 

“Now we can easily inform creative production and optimise assets, ultimately bringing together internal teams with delivering greater performance gains.”

Marketers can put the power of data-informed creative insights and streamlined collaboration tools directly in their team’s hands using VidMob’s new SaaS offering including Creative Analytics, Creative Scoring, Creative Automation, Creative Studio, and Creative Network. 

The platform solves key issues that marketers contend with every day, namely meeting the increasing demand for performant creative quickly and efficiently at scale across channels and platforms.

With VidMob marketers gain:

  • Data-driven creative: Rich data and insights to inform creative decision making for higher performance
  • Creative production at scale: Meet demand for more creative assets, achieving consistent creative excellence across multiple platforms and every step of the marketing funnel
  • Platform-specific performance improvements: Gain visibility and control over creative assets to ensure they’re set up for success before launch by meeting best practices and brand mandatories

VidMob makes it easy to incorporate creative data into daily creative design, testing and activation, even when faced with challenges such as scaling to meet production demand while following best practices. 

Marketers can uncover richer signals and new opportunities to drive better results while also tapping into VidMob’s expert creative network and insights.

“Creative is the leading driver of ad performance, and our new SaaS offering makes it easy for every marketer to incorporate data and insights into their unique creative process. 

VidMob shows marketers exactly how to improve creative performance to optimise effectiveness and efficiency while fitting into the way that they operate their creative process,” said Craig Peasley, Vice President of Product Marketing at VidMob. 

“We built in flexibility to leverage Intelligent Creative for any business and operating model, from in-house teams, alongside or through an agency, or with support from our premium service teams.”