Vidmob introduces Adobe After Effects plugin to deliver creative insights 


Vidmob, the creative data company, today announced the launch of its plugin for Adobe After Effects, advancing its unmatched end-to-end AI solution for analysing and building ad creative.

This plugin is the first in a series for the Adobe Creative Cloud, aimed at revolutionising the Generative AI-powered creative production process and further instrumenting the creative data ecosystem.

The plugin for After Effects delivers the creative brief and creative insights and offers AI-powered pre-flight testing capabilities directly within the creative production software.

Designed to address challenges brands and agencies face, Vidmob’s plugin brings creative data, brand-specific quality assurance and platform compliance testing directly into the development process.

Unlike other solutions that require manual cross-checking with creative best practices or expensive post-production testing, this plugin allows for immediate adjustments, significantly, enabling more efficient creative production.

Meanwhile, media teams can be assured that all creative assets are completely brand and platform-compliant before allocating budgets.

Key Features and Benefits:

  • Unlocks Brand Consistency in GenAI:  Ensures all assets adhere to brand guidelines, enhancing brand metrics and maintaining a cohesive image, while GenAI accelerates the volume of content created.
  • Optimization of Media Spend: Streamlines the asset approval process to ensure all ad creatives meet criteria before placement, preventing investment in underperforming assets and enhancing campaign efficiency.
  • Sustainable, Budget-Friendlier Creative Production:  Seamless workflow in After Effects with real-time quality assurance reduces design and rendering times, and supports sustainability efforts throughout the creative process. Unlike other tools that measure waste, Vidmob’s plugin aims to eliminate it by addressing it before the asset is completed.
  • Streamline Creative Collaboration: Makes creative data accessible throughout the entire creative workflow to improve communication and speed up QA and feedback rounds between creative and non-creative teams, boosting efficiency and media ROI.

As the plugin evolves, it will incorporate GenAI for content creation, with a brand’s creative data as a key input in the content prompt”, said Mickey Alon, CPTO of Vidmob.

“The Vidmob plugin for Adobe After Effects is a transformative tool for agencies and brands that produce a vast array of creative assets.

“By leveraging GenAI at scale, it offers an unparalleled capacity to generate high-quality creatives that strictly adhere to brand guidelines, ensuring both safety and optimal performance.

“This not only fosters a seamless collaboration between creative and brand teams but also significantly reduces media waste, making it an indispensable asset in today’s digital ecosystem”.