Vidmob integrates Realeyes attention data to its creative data platform

Photo edited by Jerome Paronneau.

Global adtech Vidmob and Realeyes have announced a new partnership that will embed Realeyes’ attention metrics into Vidmob’s leading creative data platform.

Creative attention metrics represent one of the biggest opportunities for advertisers to address the need for more campaign performance and accountability.

Vidmob and Realeyes

Vidmob’s AI-based software improves creative and media performance by helping brands and agencies derive their own custom creative best practices and ensure those learnings are applied across all flighted media.

Realeyes is a market leader in attention measurement, trusted by top brands to improve ad performance and grow sales.

Trained on its fully consented webcam attention data from 17 million human test sessions, the company now provides instant attention predictions at digital scale.

The partnership unites Vidmob and Realeyes tech to score attention performance for every ad from any ad account linked to Vidmob.

Source: Vidmob, Realeyes.

The partnership will also enhance Vidmob’s creative analytics with AI-generated recommendations on how to improve ads to capture more attention and make media investments work harder. VidMob’s integration with Realeyes significantly enhances its already robust analytical capabilities.

With an impressive three trillion creative tags linked to performance, the Vidmob platform has analysed 1.3 trillion ad impressions, 25 billion creative tags, and 18 million creative assets.

“Attention is the dividing line between ad delivery and ad effect, and is a strong predictor of a brand’s future sales,” said Alex Collmer, Vidmob CEO and Co-Founder.

“Vidmob’s partnership with Realeyes to integrate attention data is another key step in the journey to marry creative data with all of the behaviours that marketers care about, thus helping them make ads and media campaigns more impactful while driving effectiveness on a global scale.”

Mihkel Jäätma, CEO of Realeyes, said: “The volume of creative assets to be managed across multiple ad networks has ballooned in recent years”.

“Generative AI tools and dynamic content systems are only accelerating this trend.

“The deprecation of third-party cookies is forcing advertisers to rethink how to understand and connect with consumers. All these forces present a new mandate for advertisers to gain greater control over their creative performance.”

The first trials are launching in Q2 with three global brands and will be available mainstream in Q3.