VidMob AR launches to give brands creative ad edge on socials

vidmob ar launches

VidMob, the platform for Intelligent Creative, has launched VidMob AR, a complete augmented reality ad creative solution for marketers that includes initial concepting, production, and post-campaign impact analysis. 

VidMob helps brands develop, test and improve creative for AR advertising experiences, which delivers immersive three-dimensional customer experiences that merge the physical and digital worlds.

VidMob AR

Brands such as Hyundai are working with VidMob to launch more successful AR campaigns across social media platforms, including detailed analytics and insights to inform performance and future success.

“Using AR allows us to show the possibilities that can be had with our products in different and innovative ways”, said Jan Telecki, deputy marketing director at Hyundai Motor Brasil.

“AR allows us to present them in a modern, immersive way so that people can get to know the car”.

In 2022, more than a quarter of the US population will experience AR, with many people shopping for and exploring products in AR environments. 

At the same time social media platforms are expanding opportunities for brands to reach consumers with AR formats as part of a “metaverse” experience. 

VidMob’s expertise with AR across social media platforms gives brands a head start with new campaigns, and will provide them with data-driven insights to make their ads more intelligent. 

The company helps brands immediately understand what works through testing and drive higher performance over time.

The VidMob solution for AR includes:

  • Creative design expertise: Brand can leverage VidMob’s creative studio and global creative network which provides a fast, cost-effective way to deliver AR experiences to consumers.
  • Flexible testing: Brands can easily test creative and messing designs such as swapping out 3D Products or Virtual Try-On colours, and testing new CTAs
  • Performance analytics: Leverage VidMob’s AI-driven analytics capabilities to identify what creative is working and why it’s working.
  • Cross-platform optimisation: Brands can learn how to design creative for optimal performance across the major social media platforms.

For brands just getting started with AR advertising, VidMob offers easy-to-understand, pre-bundled starter packages to help with every step, from design to measurement.

“Augmented Reality provides brands with a rich opportunity to engage consumers at all levels of the marketing funnel through virtual product discovery and interactive storytelling”, said Jill Gray, EVP Global Client Solutions at VidMob. 

“VidMob turns what is often a highly bespoke and cumbersome creative process into something simple and accessible with our best-in-class creative expertise backed by industry-leading technology to help brands make the most of their AR campaigns”. 

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