VIDEO: WaterAid launches ‘Bring Water’ campaign by Don’t Panic


International charity WaterAid has worked with independent creative agency Don’t Panic to launch its new ‘Bring water’ campaign.

The aim is to highlight the need for everyone everywhere to have clean water, especially during the current Covid-19 pandemic.

WaterAid campaign

Water is key in our battle to defeat Covid-19, the agency said. But not only do millions of people have nowhere to wash their hands with soap and water at home, two in five healthcare centres globally have nowhere for people to wash their hands.

Johnty Gray, Mass Engagement Director, WaterAid said: “The rainbow has become a powerful symbol of hope and unity during the Covid-19 outbreak; highlighting how we are all facing this crisis together and therefore a global effort is required to tackle it.

“Yet we are not all equally equipped to fight the pandemic. Globally, one in four health centres have no clean water, putting health workers and their patients at increased risk of infection.

“Through our campaign, we are sharing the message that getting clean water to everyone everywhere is key to fighting the spread of disease – you need water to get a rainbow.”

Rainbow sign of solidarity

The rainbow is now a sign of solidarity and belief that began in our schools, and that now adorns our streets; filling the windows of our homes and the temporarily closed windows of restaurants and businesses across the planet.

Wateraid Supporting 2
Writing’s on the wall: WaterAid campaign raises awareness of clean water need for all.

In the campaign film ‘You Can’t Have a Rainbow Without Water’ real rainbows are documented across the globe; from London, to Berlin, to New York, Amsterdam, Milan, Rome, Prague, LA and Adelaide.

The wider campaign also includes rainbow contributions from ; Sir Quentin Blake, Joanna Lumley, David Shrigley, Ellie Simmonds and Tobias Menzies.

Stink Films brief

A challenge even in normal times, Stink Films was able to use its global reach and ask directors and photographers across the world to go out (safely) and capture the rainbows that filled their streets.

Running parallel to this, Don’t Panic worked with WaterAid’s ‘voices from the field’ teams in Ethiopia.

A local artist visited each of the centres where the charity had just installed clean running water, and painted rainbows of hope on their walls.

Local filmmakers were then commissioned to capture the scenes.

wateraid Hero Image
Catch a rainbow: Local film makers around the world helped shoot the film.

“What we felt we all wanted, was to see beyond the same four walls that have become our morning, day and night. To see the world again”, said Rick Dodds, Creative Partner, Don’t Panic.

“So by partnering with Stink, we were able to shoot in several cities around the world on the same day.

“The good news is, the world is covered with hope. It’s in our living room windows, hanging from our balconies and plastered on our walls.

“We wanted to “bottle” that hope in our spot, and spread it further to those who needed it most.”

The piece was shot in less than a week by a collection of Stink Films directors; on an array of recording devices including DV, phones, Reds and 5D’s. It was then patiently pieced together by Stitch editor, Paul O’Reilly.

Katie Lambert, EP, Stink Films said: “This film was challenging as we had to capture a lot of rainbows, across multiple locations, in only four days.

“It was intense and wouldn’t have been possible without the help of all of Stink’s offices around the world.

First work

This is the first piece of creative from Don’t Panic for WaterAid after winning the business in January.

The work is part of a three to five year campaign the agency is devising, alongside media agency The Kite Factory, to elevate the experience of supporting WaterAid.